Digger games

Digger games

You try to look for treasure? Found? No – We thought so. Well, nothing, open the free online game Gold Miner and start playing, you have to dig, dig, fish, blow up and push. You can do anything to get the glittering metal. Tools you the truth, so-so – pickaxe, shovel, wheelbarrow. Sometimes the rod to pick up from the bottom of the product or the golden net that is already comfortable. But these miners worked similarly. So work with a shovel, a pick loosens the ground, and when you see the familiar glitter, drag out a nugget. Each will bring you a virtual wealth – points.

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Forward! In the search for gold!

Gold digger games Gold digger games Who has never dreamed to find the treasure, or at least a few gold ornaments? The children often imagines himself a seeker jewelry and dig in his quest grandma garden, sifts the sand on the beach, and leaves behind a pothole around the house. The fact that there are only bottle caps, broken girl's hair clips, badges and broken bottles, not upsetting the gold miners, because many do not even dug the earth around! Sooner or later, find the treasure of his master, it is only necessary to make efforts and to continue to dig, dig, dig. And to bring to the process a little bit of humor and even more excitement, pay attention to online games Gold Miner, which offers a very different tool, and which will produce gold bullion.

The Gold Rush has repeatedly flared up centers at different times and in different territories. It covered the broad masses of people's heads and demolished completely. She fell ill, not only the poor who want to finally try the well-fed, carefree life, and aristocrats who have lost their possessions and capital, that their parents are amassing for years. Putting modest belongings, jewelry seekers went to the veins found, bought a piece of land and digging furiously in the hope of the earth rich. Their work has brought more suffering than the profit seekers because it was more than gold itself, which is not evenly distributed in the soil. If one were disappointed, others became lucky really impressive production.

Walk the path full of adventure playing games Gold Miner

Gold miners chased disease due to poor living conditions, lack of medical care. But online games Gold Miner will save you from such dangerous difficulties, though will throw his no less tricky. You will get acquainted with a simple tools that were used in those times, when gold would produce individuals, because today this right belongs exclusively to the state. Disassemble the picks and shovels, a wheelbarrow and grab screen to go to the mine for the extraction of gold. The game will need to:

  • The hollow ground;  
  • The ground water rinse;  
  • sifting lumps through a sieve.  

Gold digger games Gold digger games And if after all the procedures flash of something on the bottom, most likely this is gold. But since we are in the virtual world, you have many more opportunities to get the yellow metal. You can catch from the river ordinary fishing rod, throwing her over and over again. Since water is exceptionally clear, you know exactly where lie especially large pieces, and remains only to calculate sight for the next throw. Sitting in the middle of the reservoir by boat with the gear, no one would guess that you fish are not goldfish, and their future wealth.

However, in addition to pieces of raw gold in the depths of the waters there is always a sunken treasure. Ships and then crashed, scattering along the bottom of the jewels that are waiting in the wings, and those who stumble upon them. Clinging to the hook necklace with semi-precious stones, tiaras with diamonds and golden statuette, drag all the boat and enjoy the discovery.

The miners also sometimes lucky and instead of conventional coal they come across gold mines. That luck because luck! Well, now that the basement of happiness, ship it to the cart and never miss grains. You'll also be meeting with Patrick – Leprechaun who would not give his pot of gold. And if you suddenly lose – I will not rest until they gather all the coins up to one.

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