Island Tribe games

Island Tribe games

An excellent simulator of life in the form of an Island Tribe games presented to the attention of players. It can be played for free, helping a small tribe settle in a new place. They sailed on the ship for a long time, and now they have found a pleasant island for life. But first explore the found lands, build homes, get food and resources, repair buildings and bridges. There is a lot of work, and with each step new horizons and additional opportunities open up. Try to make the settlers just enough, and they will live happily, turning your island into a paradise. It's time to get to work.
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Island Tribe games: far from the benefits of civilization

You live in a cozy house, where everything is at hand water, heating, food, a cozy bed, stove and refrigerator. At any time you can get food out of the fridge, turn on the stove and cook food. You do not need to go hunting first to get meat, then collect firewood, make a fire. And to make yourself tea or just drink water, you just open the valve, and the life-giving moisture will flow from the tap. If you lived, as the heroes of the Island Tribe games, you would have to make much more effort to get all the necessary benefits. For example, to get drunk, you must first dig a well, and then carry water from it in buckets. And the water is needed not only for drinking, but also for cooking, washing, cleaning. Imagine how many times you need to go to the well to get the required amount of fluid. Island Tribe games online

Budney savages

To experience yourself as real barbarians, plunge into the realities of their life, will help the series of the Island Tribe games. Just say that you will have to run a lot. It all started with the fact that the usual way of life of the tribe was disturbed by a volcanic eruption. The equipped island died, and now there is a long voyage ahead in search of a new land for living. After many weeks and months of traveling, the fire victims sailed to an uninhabited island.

Having risen on the bare ground, people have to adjust life anew:

  • Collect firewood
  • Remount bridges
  • Passing Roads
  • Construction of houses and other buildings
  • To erect totems
  • Get gold and other resources
  • Explore new lands

Island Tribe games online The territory which you intend to inhabit is hidden from you by a thick fog. In order for him to retreat, it is necessary to go deeper and deeper into the island, explore its new nooks. It is worth discovering what you need to do: collect logs, bring water, build an idol, and so on. It is very important to repair the buildings that you find in them people will live, and you will have more workers. Judging by the fact that there are ruins of dwellings and broken bridges on the island, people once lived here, but for some unknown reason left their homes. Perhaps they had the same reason as you, but now the old volcano is fast asleep, and you have nothing to fear. The more you work, open up territories, extract resources, the more organized, the better, more comfortable life on the island becomes. But it is worthwhile to arrange everything in the best way in one locality, as you have to move on, look for new horizons and opportunities. Island Tribe games online

We overcome difficulties

During the game Island Tribe you will encounter many obstacles and dangers. You will be disturbed by wild beasts, and on some of the neighboring islands that you have decided to put in order, the earth is still smoking, burnt trees and grass are around. But you really need to investigate everything, because according to your scouts, rich deposits of gold, iron, coal and other raw materials are stored here. It is also necessary to build a safe path through such decaying lands in order to reach richer territories. Gradually developing the economy, you will be able to extract honey, build enterprises, improve the streets. An important role is played by statues, because they personify the deities worshiped by the islanders. This is their life force, without which energy nothing will grow. Passing new levels, playing harder, but more fun. But even when one part of the game ends, there will be the next, promising new adventures, the discovery of even more beautiful lands, and yet another difficulties that will have to be overcome again to set up a safe life in a new place.

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