Economic simulation games

Economic simulation games

To understand what it means to have your business, help you free online games economic strategy. Opened his own cafe, a trendy clothing store, a hotel, you get the background information that will help adapt to the new reality. You can play in different directions: to equip the zoo, build a railroad or an airport, a network of grocery stores and jewelry. Always you have to act reasonably, to make a profit and buy her new equipment, develop comfort room. Just remembering the desires of the consumer, you can create a thriving business.

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Economic simulation games Even kids today know terms such as « business » and « economy ». Such development contributes to a greater extent the Internet and the economic strategy of the game, revealing the secrets of a successful enterprise kids.

A variety of games economic policies

This direction of the gameplay perfectly woven into the storyline, and has become one of the most attractive entertainment in managing

  • Cafes;
  • Restaurant;  
  • hotel;
  • Railroad;  
  • Taxi;
  • the whole city.

Players earn virtual money and spend it on the purchase of the necessary amendments, thereby opening up new opportunities for themselves.

The most interesting thing that is interesting not only for children to play in this kind of toy. Many adult gamers also prefer strategy games Economic and seek out new acquisitions in the network of destinations.

Well-known SimCity

Economic simulation games In 1989 SimCity game was the first urban simulator with economic bias. As soon as a player has expanded the area for building apartment houses, there were new settlers, requiring more resources, roads, banks, entertainment, education and services to urban services. Medicine, fire, police, railway, airport, seaport and other organizations covered a range of actions and to cover the entire city, you need to install more similar buildings.

Relationship with other cities provide water, electricity, food and other goods. The tourists also contribute to the replenishment of the treasury. You could sell their surplus resources and to buy the missing. If citizens feel comfortable, they installed a monument to the mayor, but if you feel a constant lack of something, the riots began, and profits fell sharply. In extreme cases, for filling the budget needs money, you can raise taxes, but if not reduce them again in the city began full decline.

The idea of ​​SimCity was so timely that served as the basis for the creation of similar toys and completely new directions.

the opportunity to earn virtual

  • farm plots.

Economic simulation games Now the games offer economic strategies to build their own farm and grow vegetables, raise animals and birds, to sell the fruits of their labor in the market and even negotiate contracts with restaurants and shops for the supply of food in their canteens. And at a certain point it is possible to build a small factory and farm produce processing of raw materials and ready-made foods, or concentrates.

The economy, it is not a reason to abandon the humor, because together with him goes well faster. Therefore, each toy is necessarily present something funny – beasts has pretty appearance and smiles at us, not knowing that it was prepared to send to the canned and sausage.

  • When contacted Masyanya, expect surprises.

Having decided to work abroad, she buddies goes to the resort and beach cafe opens there. Now, sunbathing in the sun, it gives people lounges, swimming laps and boat brings the first call kvass and ice cream. All this is happening against the backdrop of her innate optimism and joie de vivre.

  • Bright and smart economic strategy games look to create aquariums.

All and steeped rich colors, and the opportunity to display their design talents cause excitement. Making money can be different, and each game offers its own method. But when it comes time to spend finances, comes the most pleasant, because another ornament or even plant should be put in such a way so that it looked particularly impressive and harmonious. But you can just breed fish and sell them in their zoomagazinchike.

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