Music Box of Life games

Music Box of Life games

There are games that seem ordinary only at first glance, but as soon as you start playing them, they seem to come alive, gradually revealing their secrets. To such are the free Music Box of Life games online. Each picture looks like a pencil sketch, and is dedicated to the history of music. One day a pretty casket came into the hands of the girl, but she was broken, and no longer beautiful melodies. What happened to it, you will find out, only having found at each stage of difference. With the next level to make it all more difficult, but you can not be mistaken, so as not to remove 5 penalty points.
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Creative Music Box of Life games

Music Box of Life games online Solving puzzles is not only a wonderful holiday, but also a very useful lesson. Music Box of Life games perfectly train mindfulness, and a person with developed attention is able to notice much that gives advantage to children in school and for adults in everyday life.

Ganar Find the difference is not new, such simulators are used in various industries where employees need attention, for example, from border guards, law enforcement officers or designers, when a person is able to notice the slightest details. Music Box of Life games is not just a useful entertainment, they have levels collected, after which players will be able to learn the stories that happened to the main characters. These little novels make adults think that every act committed ever has consequences. For children, stories also teach a lesson, how to live in harmony with the world around them. Music Box of Life games online

The first part was recognized both among players and among critics. The developers did not stop on a single release and the light saw four releases of the Music Box of Life games. Each part tells its own story.

In all parts to test yourself for attentiveness is absolutely free, one click on the icon with the game activates the application. You do not have to download anything, there is no registration procedure. So, passing level by level, users will know what the story ends and can start the next without interruptions in order to learn the continuation of the story.

Game process in Music Box of Life games

As in all similar entertainment applications of this genre, two seemingly identical pictures will open before the players. At the bottom of the screen there is a menu, it has buttons and useful information:

  • The option button will send to the settings;
  • The level indicator shows at what stage the game is located;
  • Number of points collected;
  • Number of remaining differences;
  • Help button.

Music Box of Life games online In all parts, the control with the mouse and the menu functions are the same. There is no time counting in the game, so users will be able to slowly look at the pictures in search of differences. For each found inaccuracy in the images, the player is credited with points, but if the click was made simply on the screen, the points are written off. In the games, the music box of life can be played with friends by holding contests who will turn out to be more attentive. If the differences are not in any way possible, you can use the hint, it will not cost points, but they will not be counted for the difference found. The second time you use the button you can only after a while, it should be charged.

In the first part, players will get acquainted with a little girl, who was presented with a music box. The little girl could listen for hours to the melodies that came from her. On one beautiful sunny summer day, a butterfly of rare beauty flew to the window-sill near the open window. The girl decided to consider it more closely, and seeing the bright colors on the wings of an amazing creature and she wanted to catch a butterfly. As far as one single act of the child could change the whole further life it is possible to learn only, having reached the last level.

The second and all subsequent parts of the Music Box of Life games tell about the same girl, she grew up, became a lovely young lady. Perhaps she will have her own family, but the butterfly that sat in the summer day on the windowsill of the children's room, made changes not only to the life of the girl, but also to many other people.

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