Treasure Of Big Totem games

Treasure Of Big Totem games

Free online Treasure Of Big Totem games are invited to play an interesting quest, accompanying the heroine through the islands and continents. The inquisitive mind craves answers, but only ancient totems can be given to them, which must be found. To do this, you need to find scattered objects, apply them at a certain point, draw conclusions and move on the trail further. The journey is a long one, after all, more than 15 different game stories have been created, in which you are invited to take part. Each time this new adventure, filled with discoveries, dangers, and the main prize at the end - knowledge.
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Treasure Of Big Totem games

Treasure Of Big Totem games is an entire collection of entertaining adventures. In each part, players will have to face many secrets, discover the secrets of ancient civilization on dangerous ground. The traveler's path is not easy and thorny, awesome discoveries await him, but without fail it will not do. Treasure Of Big Totem games online

All seventeen parts of the Treasure Of Big Totem games are made in the quest genre. The authors hid many items, without which they can not solve the riddles of their ancestors. In turn, the ancient people made sure that their knowledge and wealth did not go to strangers, they well defended their cities, their ruins tear down traps. All versions have the same design and similar interface, but the actions and stories are strikingly different. In games users will visit in different places:

  • The Lost Isles;
  • In tropical forests,
  • And even in space;

Participating in research expeditions, players will get acquainted with a lot of interesting characters, some will become good friends, and others will become the worst enemies. In all parts of the Treasure Of Big Totem games do not have to be downloaded to the hard drive to start adventures, they are downloaded online in just a couple of seconds. Solve puzzles and reveal secrets yourself, the games do not provide built-in purchases, they are completely free.

Treasure Of Big Totem

Treasure Of Big Totem games online An adventure begins with an acquaintance with a nice girl. Judging by the standing boat, she sailed to the island driven by a thirst for knowledge. Players will have to work hard to help her learn the secrets of the island. Taking the first steps on the land in front of the heroine was a large stone totem with strange signs. Find the answers in these obscure symbols means to get to the untold wealth of the ancient people.

The second part of the Treasure Of Big Totem games introduces users to the new character. This is a veteran archaeologist behind whom not a single dozen expeditions. He came to the aid of a young researcher because he lost contact with her, but age is not the same, and the old scientist found himself on another uninhabited patch of land. His inquisitive mind could not resist the secrets of the island, it also has many signs pointing to facts unknown to science. Treasure Of Big Totem games online

The third issue will surprise with its eccentricity, curious members of the earthly race learned too much and now the aliens are flying to the planet, as it turned out, they kept their treasures and objects of power on the lost islands so that they would not fall into the hands of villains trying to capture life-worthy planets. After the intervention of scientists, the entire galaxy was in danger. The players' mission is obvious. We will have to help the aliens in their struggle against evil.

So from part to part of the Treasure Of Big Totem games users have a very interesting story. Each chapter tells about new adventures. In the end, as it should be in the finished stories, all the characters face to face and they have to work together to get to the truth whatever it turns out to be.

Treasure Of Big Totem games are executed in the classical style of the quest, players need to be very careful and find objects hidden from prying eyes, carry out assignments encountered on the way and correctly apply their findings to other objects. Thus, it will be possible to pass all the tests and leave the game as a winner.

The graphics in the games are very colorful, all the details are perfectly drawn, so it's easy to find the hidden things. A pleasant musical accompaniment in the ethnic style will add to the mood and take to the world of secrets.

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