Age of Giants games

Age of Giants games

Age of Giants games can be played for free for as long as your heart desires. They all run online in just one click. Players will have to try on the role of a caveman, guarding his home from bloodthirsty monsters. Together with the hero to go through all the stages of evolution - to visit Ancient Rome and see the castles of the Middle Ages, and eventually get to modern times. All this time, enemies will attack, they become stronger and faster, but the hero develops, he improves his personal skills and his weapon. Only an accurate calculation and accuracy will allow you to stay alive and achieve the desired victory.
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Age of Giants games: Survive at any cost

Age of Giants games online For a long time, in order to survive, man had to constantly protect his home from the most diverse enemies of wild animals and birds, other people eager to get better housing. The games of the Age of the Giant will guide users through the entire evolution of human development, ranging from cavemen to modernity. And throughout all these centuries, the hero will defend and invent new types of weapons to fight the enemies. Age of Giants games online

The century of the giant games that children and adults liked, the first part was very entertaining, it was very popular among the players, so the authors did not stop at the only part that released another three. In total, there were 4 versions of the world, each of which has many levels. Starting the game from the very beginning you can spend a lot of time fighting virtual enemies, and there will be plenty of them.

All parts of the Age of Giants games are in the public domain, they do not have to be downloaded and installed on the hard disk of the computer, they are launched online right in the browser window. Playing it is impossible to spend real money, for each passed level users get points and game currency, it is with its help you can develop, open new epochs and improve the weapon and the character itself.

Features of the Age of Giants games

Age of Giants games very exciting, the hero fights in them, defending his home. All parts are similar to each other, so you do not have to relearn. The story begins in the most ancient times. The man found his own cave and settled in it, but he could not live in peace.

Standing at the gates of his home a character sees how enemies are moving at him, these terrible monsters want to devour him, so having only strong hands and stones at his disposal, he needs to accurately calculate the strength and distance in order to throw the cobblestone at the enemy accurately, and kill him . Every day, the levels are designated so, the enemies are becoming faster and stronger, bloodthirsty birds fly from far away, it’s not so easy to get into them, nevertheless it is quite possible. Develop not only enemies, but the hero himself. Wins bring points, you can spend them to improve the following character skills:

  • Speed;
  • Power;
  • Protection;
  • Stamina.

Age of Giants games online Playing the game Age of Giants game, user not only fights for the life of a character, but also goes through all stages of human development, for example, from a simple void in a rock, a cave it will eventually move to a built housing, and after living to the Middle Ages and tiled roofs. The weapon also opens as you move, if the very first means of defense was a simple boulder, then over time it will be a piece of iron, a bow with arrows. In time, powder will be invented, which means that the character will have a firearm in his hands, first a pistol, and then a rapid-fire machine.

Age of Giants games are not aggressive, although users will constantly destroy enemies. Firstly, these enemies are completely different from humans, and even children like to fight against monsters. Secondly, there is no excess blood on the screen, the affected enemy simply falls and disappears. Those who fail to defeat the enemy, the authors simplify tasks, as you progress through the levels, special bonuses are opened, a hurricane wind can come to the aid of the hero and sweep away enemies, or other forces of nature.

In all parts, very beautiful modern graphics, pictures are clear and bright. In the background, cheerful music is played, and each action of the character is accompanied by sound effects, for a more realistic experience.

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