Castle defense games

Castle defense games

We invite everyone to play free online games Castle. You will be responsible job to protect it from numerous enemies, who are eager to capture your territory. The hijackers were armed to the ears of the medieval and modern weapons. Some enemies came from outer space and sent to the Tower laser cannon. To strengthen its position, set up the perimeter of the building and equip your soldiers with the best weapons, but also do not forget to train in his possession. Please send reconnaissance units and patrol the neighborhood and met the friendly tribes to enter into contracts.

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Castle games In the past, people have built reliable fortresses to their walls to protect themselves from the attacks of robbers and aggressors. In today's world such fortifications lost their role and moved into a virtual reality. There are yet more demand, because their inhabitants are constantly attacked by the enemy

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The defenders of the castle located on the fortifications and shoot at approaching enemies. For a successful game castle defense should be really reliable. If you control the archers, shoot arrows is aptly and not to allow the enemy advanced on the walls, or to begin the destruction of the whole castle. Most often, the soldiers defense needs time to reload their guns. It may even be a couple of seconds, but they are enough to accumulated dangerous group of enemies: in these conditions, to spend too much time aiming, the chances of winning are gradually evaporate. Therefore, free games to play Castles and require fast, and at the same time clearly.

Become a real ruler, playing games Castle

Castle games It is important in such amusements military conduct regular improvement of weapons and walls. It spent bonuses or experience points earned during the battle. In a special shop you can buy new bows and arrows for the soldiers, improve weapons, do the walls higher and more reliable. Often used to defend the castle variety of magical powers. For example, you can put on strengthening the magician who will start at enemies deadly curse. Sometimes the magic in the game is used as an additional aid, allowing in a single moment to carry a huge amount of enemies by running into them, for example, a meteor rain. Or suspend their advance forward, freezing all the soldiers and make them an easy target for bombardment.

Castle games Sometimes the game offers a horror castle to defend, assumed command of the defending monsters. And sometimes the defenders are vegetables and fruits that are saved from the attacks of beetles pests. In games of this genre, there are slightly different type of gameplay – here you do not shoot at approaching enemies, and you create soldiers that come out of the lock and enter into battle with the enemy. These games are free to defend the locks do not allow – for each soldier to spend virtual money that is earned or by extraction of resources like gold, or given as a reward for the defeated enemies.

In this type of games we do not only protect your building, but also to destroy the enemy – it needs to sweep away all the enemies on the way to their castle defense, and then ruin it to the ground. During the game online locks that need to protect or destroy gradually from one level to become stronger, and the tasks that need to perform – more difficult.

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