Flooded Village games

Flooded Village games

Flooded Village games are great entertainment for both children and adults. They will turn out to be completely free to play and they run online, so that in any spare time you can test your intellectual abilities and try to save the inhabitants of the island. The goal of the game is to repair and block the canals after careless builders, who mixed everything up, the children were trapped, the pirates stranded, and the vegetation lacked water, the Christmas trees did not grow to Christmas Eve. Holidays are under threat, only the players can solve the puzzle and put the virtual world in order.
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Logic of the Flooded Village games

Flooded Village games online By the holidays, everyone is eager to go on an exciting journey, this can be done without leaving the cozy home by starting to play the Christmas Flood games. In them, users can become brave lifeguards and give the pirates a chance to swim, trees grow, and it is great for civilians to celebrate winter holidays and holidays. Flooded Village games online

Flooded Village games that children and adults liked, they make you think carefully about each subsequent move. In order to win you need a well-developed logical thinking and a well-thought strategy. The first part so much to the taste of the players that the authors have released five versions of the game. Having begun the path of the lifeguard from the first part, it will turn out to have a good rest, have fun and practice such useful skills after going through all the levels of five parts, and as they move, they become more and more complicated and confusing.

Main goal of the Flooded Village games are to remove or add to the contrary add blocks on the playing field, so that the water fills the necessary cavities, and the trees will grow, and gentlemen of fortune will get off the water and be able to sail away, so as not to spoil the holiday for others.

All parts of the game are free, they will not be able to spend real money to achieve the desired goals, you will have to think about each step yourself. No version will have to download to the hard drive, and after installing, they run online with one click of the mouse and open directly in the browser in just a few seconds. Even small children will be able to run for themselves entertainment and have a great time.

Tasks in Flooded Village games

Flooded Village is a game in which you want to invoke logic and think well over each next move. The story begins with the fact that on the banks of the beautiful river the builders got something wrong and concreted most of the land, it was certainly cleaner, but the trees stopped growing altogether. Players will be required to disassemble passages for water in the minimum amount of time and moves.

The trees are just one of the problems; the lack of water channels has made it impossible for the evil pirates to sail from the island. Their boats were stranded, and filibusters of boredom began to terrorize the locals, moving through the levels of the players will face the following tasks:

  • Organize watering of vegetation;
  • To let the pirates sail away;
  • Provide the safety of children, do not let them wet their feet or even drown;

Flooded Village games online Landscapes in the town are very tangled, and careless builders have completely complicated the process of creating complete chaos. Playing the Christmas Flood games will not only have to smash the tiles blocking the way to the water, but also to lay the voids by installing new blocks. For example, cute children trapped in school after school, if you take one single wrong step and remove the wrong block, the boys will die from the flood.

On each level a limited number of moves, players have the opportunity to cope with fewer, so they will earn more stars for passing a level. In other parts, the authors complicated the process and entered the countdown, users will get more points if they manage for the minimum amount of time, here every second counts. If the limit of moves is exhausted, the game stops, but it does not matter, there is always a chance to try again and so on until victory.

Flooded Village games are modern, they have good quality graphics, the characters are funny, as if from animated films and even evil pirates are not at all scary. The whole process is accompanied by cheerful music, and each step is voiced by sound effects.

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