Pajama Boy games

Pajama Boy games

Play free Boy in Pajamas will appeal to all fans of fun adventures. All parts are launched online, so at any time you can help the unfortunate child find where to sleep, get out of the thick forest of the dark forest, and of course, save friends. A lot of dangers await on the way of the baby, the city hides traps, to overcome all difficulties is the main task of the players. Getting to the finish line will not be easy, you need to be deft and courageous, correctly calculate speed and distance, avoid traps set in the way of the character. Only in this way it will be possible to win.
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Dynamic Games The Boy in Pajamas

Players who prefer active actions on the screen when they have to run, just jump over obstacles and look for the way out of the tangled mazes will appreciate the game Boy in Pajamas. They have everything from the classics of the arcade genre, danger and accurate calculation, dynamics and bonuses for victories. Games are a great way to have fun and take a break from everyday worries to switch attention and have fun.

Boy in pajamas games, released in three parts. The authors have made them universal for both children and their parents. Each part has its own plot and tasks, the story unfolds gradually, maintaining interest in the process. Playing children and adults will not only have fun, but also be able to practice many useful skills, for example:

  • Small hand motor skills;
  • Accuracy and calculation of movements;
  • Reaction rate;
  • Logic thinking.

Games A boy in pajamas will require users of dexterity, the only way to complete all tasks and complete a level. Each new test becomes more difficult, so you have to concentrate and make efforts to achieve victory.

Boy in pajamas games, which can be returned at any time and from any place. They do not need to be downloaded to the hard disk, you can launch any part with one click and the application will run online directly in the browser window. Players do not need to worry that they will accidentally spend real money, all parts are free.

Plots in the games Boy in pajamas

Pajama Boy games online Adventures of the baby begin with what he was told to go to bed. The child changed into bed, but did not lie down in bed. His attention was attracted by candy, she was lying in a jar at the very top of the cabinet. The kid did not lose his head, he substituted a chair, stretched to the very top, and crashed to the floor, breaking the glass on the doors and dropping the entire contents of the shelves.

An angry threshold appeared on the threshold, instead of feeling sorry for the boy, he simply threw him into the dark and cold streets of the city. With such a trouble, the child’s hard journey begins in the first part of the game Boy in Pajamas. Each level offers users to help the hero first get to the key, and then find and open the door for them. So the character will be able to spend the night in heat. But it will not be easy to do this, it is dark on the streets and danger and traps lurk everywhere, one wrong move and you have to start all over again. Pajama Boy games online

The second part continues the story of a brave kid. He finally managed to find friends. Together they went into the woods, sitting around the fire telling each other scary stories and having a good time. But sometimes bad thoughts come to children, the baby either got scared or decided to show his comrades that he is the most courageous and that he is going to the thickest one. On the street, pitch darkness, the baby breaks down and falls into a hole. Despair captures him, but then he sees the firefly. So the child will be able to find a way out of the forest, and be saved. Players in this part should help the unintentional crumbs out of such a dangerous situation.

The boy in his pajamas is a very good game, so in the third part the child was able to cope with difficulties, but another adventure awaits. The kid realizes that his friends are in trouble, some villains put them in a cage. The decision is made, you need to save comrades, and for this you have to find the keys to imprisonment and get to the cage, only in this way it will be possible to release people who have done so much good for the boy.

Control in all parts is the same, the hero moves with the arrow keys on the keyboard, so he runs forward, back and jumps. For those who are more comfortable to use the left side of the keyboard provides control letters A, D, W.

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