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Digimon games

Young warriors offer wonderful online Digimon games for free. With Miki Kud and his army Fusion have to fight with the enemy army Bagra. On their way they meet Digimons, but not all of them are ready to take the side of good. The purpose of the heroes is to save the digital world by collecting codes hidden in the 108 crowns that guard the individual zones of the universe. In order to become a full-fledged warrior, you must have an excellent memory, be agile and fast. Hone these skills will help memory cards, puzzles, multiple fights. You can also create your own persona using the available menu items.
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Digimon games Adventure

Digimon games online Boys cling to any opportunity to accomplish a feat, especially if they are to act in a virtual universe. They like fantasy plots with characters with magical talents. It is necessary to find a rubric with similar amusements, and they will not calm down until the last episode is passed. These include the game Digimon, which was created based on the animated series Digimon Fusion.

The traces of brave heroes

If you are not familiar with the plot of the animated series, it will be useful to know a little about what world you are in and what adventures you are waiting for. You are used to parallel realities, fantastic metagalaxies and the universe with incredible inhabitants. But now you are waiting for a real surprise, because the doors of travelers opened the digital world. Digimon games online

This is a completely new universe for players, which is just to be settled. It contains 108 crowns in which information is encrypted. Each is designed to keep a certain part of the world under control. If you crack the codes, access to the management of all territories. If they fall into unreliable hands, the universe will collapse.

Many are eager to gain unlimited power. As always, there are parties that are light and dark, constantly warring in their desire to be the first in world domination.

Digimon games online Playing the game for two Digimons, you will join the fighters of the squad of Fusion to confront the army Bagra. The enemy wants to seize all the crowns, so that chaos and hell prevail on earth. But the Fusion warriors, led by a young man, Miki Kood, give them a fight.

Their goal is to find more codes that are enclosed in crowns so that they do not reach the enemies. Because they are hidden in different parts of the digital world, they travel tirelessly, clearing the way during battles.

In the way they meet Digimons. Some are friendly and willingly help Mika and his army by joining her for further confrontation with evil. Others prefer to help the army of Bagra, and therefore the forces are constantly growing both from one side and the other.

Only courage and perseverance will help Fusion Fighter to destroy the enemy army, not allowing it to seize power over the digital world. But for this you need to start games about Digimonov, and show your talents to the commander.

We go to the playing field

Just imagine how many incredible feats you can accomplish by playing the free games Digimony. Here everything that young warriors like so much: magic, unusual creatures, brave heroes. Becoming part of the squad Miki, you can act independently, choosing for themselves the next mission. A lot of Digimons enemy divorced in this world, and it is time to reduce their numbers. To do this, you are offered:

  • Puzzles
  • Puzzles
  • Dracks
  • Creating an Image
  • Memory Cards

Characters often face the need to fight until complete victory. Each of them has a scale of life and energy, which changes as the one who dominates the fight. Green means that everything is in order, but when red appears, it is a sign that the vitality begins to decrease. Dealing damage to the enemy, see how he dies, losing energy. But if you distract yourself, as he takes revenge, and now the red line fills your scale.

Start the game's Digimon games, and add some wonderful puzzles with scenes from the lives of the characters. You also have a card with pictures, each of which has a pair. Having found two identical cards, you take them out of the game, and you should do this with all the pictures. Also collect from parts of your own character, starting with the fact that determine the sex of a boy or girl.

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