Doctor Strange games

Doctor Strange games

Based on the comics Marvel released free online Doctor Strange games. Now you can play with a charismatic character in the vast virtual universe. The story of the hero is incredible and unusual. He received his magical powers in the Tibetan school of magic, studying science for seven years. He used to be a doctor, and now he is a Master of Mystic Arts and a Earth magician. Instead of operations on the human body, he is forced to fight the demon Dormamm and his henchman Mordom, a former disciple of the Elder. To help Stranj's successful mission, help him change his appearance, as well as strengthen his memory and attentiveness.
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Doctor Strange games based on the comic book

Doctor Strange games online Marvel Universe in 1963 introduced a new superhero, Doctor Strange, as he was known from his former life, and now they call him the Supreme Magician or Master of the Mystical Arts. Initially, he appears in the company of other superheroes, but then an individual series of graphic novels is devoted to him.

There were also attempts to make a film about him, but neither the critics nor the audience came to the result in delight, and therefore the idea of ​​the series never developed. But with the advent of the computer era, Doctor Strange games appeared, and this is already pleasing.

Recall a little history

Not to say that Strange has the same big name as Spiderman, for example, or Batman. But undeservedly forgotten names are revived from time to time, especially since this character is one of the leading goodies in the world of Marvel. As you know, not all are born superheroes, and most have to go through severe trials and torments before they get miracle power. For some, this is a forced step to save their lives.

Others are in the wrong place, becoming a victim of an accident. But our humble servant was the victim of his own narcissism and excessive self-confidence. In a peaceful life, he was an excellent neurosurgeon, but once at a party he overdidled alcohol too much. Drunk sat behind the wheel, he did not cope with the management and flew into the pole. Doctor Strange games online

Doctor Strange games online The accident led to a hand injury, and for the surgeon it was a disaster. Not wanting to part with the profession of a doctor, he intends to find a cure, and he goes looking for him around the world. So he goes to Tibet, where he meets the Elder, who is legendary about how he works wonders. Strange's request for help did not give anything, since the Elder suggested that the former doctor find the treatment himself, studying and mastering the magic.

Such an approach did not satisfy the hero, and he wanted to just leave, but suddenly he noticed how the elder's student was preparing to kill him. Having prevented Baron Mordo from committing a murder, he takes his place as a pupil next to the teacher. As many as 7 years of training lasted, and during that time the hero had to help fight the terrible demon Dormmm more than once. He has long been looking for an opportunity to free himself from his dimension and destroy all life on Earth.

In this, he is assisted by the very Mordo who wanted to kill the Elder as his student. Gradually, Strange still grasped the wisdom of magic, and even mastered the most powerful spells, available only to the supreme wizards. So he becomes the Master of mystical sciences and the great magician of the Earth. He has a student Clea and a servant Wong. Now he can move between worlds, open portals and fall into any place in space.

Game Deals

Opening the rubric containing the Doctor Strange games, join the adventures of a man and a magician.

  • Find the Difference
  • Drawing the numbers
  • Prompt the memory
  • Learn Dress Up

The plots of the game Doctor Strange are not as intricate as comics, but it is always interesting to communicate with the hero, no matter what role he appears. Although the theme of dressmakers is presented here, this is not a classic version of it. The hero should be disguised by applying to him the existing wardrobe so that he can easily infiltrate the enemy's camp. Only in this way he will be able to perform the upcoming task, remaining unscathed.

At another time, Doctor Strange will carry the games through the spatial portal, but in order to open it, you need to find the numbers hidden on the field. The task is responsible and dangerous, but it must be done, as well as to find all the paired cards to strengthen memory. When done with this, find the differences.

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