Mike the Knight games

Mike the Knight games

Funny, dynamic, creative Mike the Knight games are available for free for young players so that they can play and develop. This is a story about a wonderful, brave young man who easily performs any mission, and is ready to teach you that. With him you will be taken to the holy of holies of any magician - the alchemical laboratory, where you will be cooking a magic potion. If this seems simple to you, then try building a castle, then recreating the family crest from the details. Go with Mike to the knightly tournament, save the princess, and help the Vikings to move to your boat.
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Mike the Knight games for Little Gentlemens

Mike the Knight games online The Middle Ages with its knights, tournaments, dragons and princesses are long gone, but continues to excite the minds of romantics. They like to beat this historical period in films and cartoons, and then create game versions based on them. Thanks to this trend, an opportunity appeared in the games Mike the Knight play, making the company a brave hero.

With it, children seem to move by themselves in time, setting off towards adventure. Having saddled a faithful horse, putting on a mail coat, lowering the visor and putting forward a spear, Mike bravely gallops forward to perform the next task. He is all on the shoulder. If necessary, he will save the princess, defeat the terrible dragon, and next time he organizes a merry celebration. He is equally well able to both fight and have fun, but because he can be trusted by open Mike the Knight games for free.

Meet the hero of Mike the Knight games

The main character is courageous and decisive, but he would have had difficulty without helpers. In addition to the smallest knight, you will meet other characters:

  • Ivie Mike's little sister, who owns the talent of magic
  • Sparks dragon, able to exhale a flame and having a lazy temper
  • Squirt another dragon who is not able to squeeze even sparks out of himself, but one can envy his imagination
  • March queen mother Ivy and Mike
  • Fernando is a musician praising the young knight in his ballads

Forward, for the victory!

Represented Mike the Knight games online are designed free of charge so that the kids find it interesting and useful to communicate with the characters. With them to perform a lot of tasks, showing ingenuity, agility, agility, ingenuity. Each toy is aimed at the development of the child, not losing sight of the excitement. Boys and girls will be carried away by such directions:

  • Search for paired cards
  • With accuracy
  • Freaks
  • Adventure
  • Attention

Mike the Knight games online More than once, players will have to prove themselves from the creative side, for example, by creating their own castle. Every knight needs a big and luxurious house so that he can bring his beloved princess there. Mike decided that he will cope with the mission of building a grand structure, but will not refuse your help.

Here is the lock and ready, assembled from many parts of different shapes. Now you need to recreate the family coat of arms on the shield. This, too, you will do while playing online Knight Mike, trying to repeat it, looking at the original. Choose the shape of the shield, the details and the shades of color, combining them in such a way until you achieve authenticity. Mike the Knight games online

Now, when there is a house and family coat of arms, it's time to go to the exploits. In the neighboring kingdom, the princess must be saved, and the young knight decided to take part in this noble event. Riding a horse, he is racing along the road, which is replete with all sorts of obstacles. Try to jump across barrels and logs, especially since they may be boxes with jewels. Collect treasures, because princesses love luxury, and will be grateful for your generous gifts.

Next, the Mike the Knight games invite you to have fun for free, and at the same time practice shooting. Armed with a bow and arrow, the young man went into the garden to collect apples for the pie. But he is not interested in just collecting them, and he decided to shoot down the fruits with well-aimed shots.

In another time, help the Vikings get on their boat by jumping from Mike's shield. And you are waiting for the laboratory of the alchemist, where you have to cook a few magic potions using the right combination of ingredients. The task is difficult and responsible, because if something goes wrong, you can inadvertently turn yourself into a toad or something worse.

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