Horse games

Horse games

Games about horses online, it is noble and beautiful toy, in which you will play for free. You can arrange horse races or ride a pony in the park. You have to be stable, that it is necessary to keep clean, do not forget to feed and water the horses, offer them a game. You can also comb and braid their mane braids, put on the body color pattern, but in a special store to purchase a saddle, bridle and other beautiful things. Remind horses unicorns, and they will carry you into the fairy-tale fairyland for fairies and gnomes, you ride in the clouds, and you shall describe their gold and silver.

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Horse games for girls Games for girls about horses – it is always elegant, colorful, good toys, in which there is room for imagination and positive. These noble animals is difficult not to feel love. Looking good in their eyes, I read there kindness and devotion, as well as the courage and willingness to help.

In this section, we offer to meet with graceful horses closer and present them to you in a completely new role. If the orientation was at the boys, there would be proposals battles where horses carry their riders into the attack, but because the girls like more creative direction, they have the opportunity to:

  • arrange fun races;
  • dress up their cloven-hoofed animals;
  • become the mistress of the stables.

Opening alternately games for girls horse, you get the chance to diversify their leisure time favorite destination gameplay.

to create new images while playing horses

Horse games for girls For you invented a magic workshop, where it is easy to pick up his steed external color and decorative elements to complete the portrait.

Select the color with which you will be especially pleased to work and start the process.

  • woven into the mane and tail ribbon;
  • Touch up Cilia to make eyes more expressive horses;
  • Put on a cute drawing of the body
  • If you want to give your pet magical powers, turning it into a unicorn, gilt and silvered his hoof horn.

We leave the racetrack

A more plausible, but no less fascinating game about horses online, where you are invited to make a jump. Variants of this event, too much and you can become a jockey, who carried on the race track, trying to overtake rivals. Becoming one with his steed whole, you divide win equally. If, however, a fantastic theme prefer note while on the small colored horses with wings. They compete among themselves for the title of the fastest trotter, and you're helping her to win the grand prize.

In the games of horse racing presents proposals, where the gameplay can be involved just two players. Inviting girlfriend, mother or sister to the keyboard, you will get double the pleasure of action.

Your personal stable

Horse games for girls Communication with horses in our time is limited to the zoo and the opportunity to ride on them in the park, where large and small ponies are waiting for their young riders. But if you want to experience more games for girls about horses are ready to provide you with a whole stable. Once rich in every court in the stalls were famous stallions and mares, which the owners were walking around the neighborhood and harnessed to the coach to travel far or pay a visit to the neighbors. Today it is very rare to find such a luxury and not because it is expensive, and because it is no longer relevant, as the move is now made by car. But if you wake up craving to communicate with the horses, then learn how to properly care for them.

Playing games equine care, feed their pets, replenish their drinking and do not forget to clean their home. These animals are very clean, but they can not take care of yourself for yourself. Moreover, quite often it happens that vzbryknuv foot, they accidentally upset the bucket of water and you need to wipe the puddle formed, so it does not turn the land into a swamp.

Rotate an Carousel

come to the park to ride on the carousel, you're always trying to take the place on the back of horses? Then similar toys will seem particularly appealing. There is plenty of room for everyone and a lively music, carousel gaining its momentum, to send you to a circle on the fervent, painted horses.

Every child dreams of a pet. Parents easy to please him, buying a kitten, puppy, or even a guinea pig. And what to do if a child thinks globally? For example, many girls from childhood just love horses. And they want to have a house not much is not enough own horse. To ride on horseback to her day care or school, combing her mane, to care for her and love. Of course, in a city apartment project is unrealistic. And while the daughter will grow up to the age to horse riding, you can offer her to play games about horses for girls. Certainly, the young lover of the beautiful and graceful animals they bring in a real delight. After all, games for girls horse do interesting, unusual and colorful. If only because very few people come to mind that the girl will be of interest not fluffy kitten or a bright doll, beautiful and graceful as mount. Online Games about horses in abundance on our site www. game-game. com. ua. But they not only offer to braid horse mane or pick flowers for her magnificent rider suit and bright makeup. There are also jumping on horseback, where you have to help the horse and jockey to overcome obstacles. There is also an exciting flash game « Equestrian Escape », where a horse without a rider is jumping on the roofs of going behind her chase. There is also an analog machine so beloved by all races – only instead of cars the game gets drawn by two horses, carriage.

there is plenty to choose. And all of these games are selected by us for one common criterion – This game for girls about horses. But the recognized leader in this genre still remain games equine care. Because the girl is not so much dream to ride a horse, leaving behind hundreds of obstacles (such a scenario more like a boy), but to be friends with this beautiful animal, bring him sugar, enclose hay, washed, combed mane. In short, take care as a pet. These games give the child the notion that such a responsibility and say that he is the answer for those who tamed. So games online horses do not only interesting, but useful that seeks to develop in the child the right quality. And on clear example friendly horse. This means that parents should not worry if our website drew attention to their daughter's horse games online.

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