Miss Moon games

Miss Moon games

Open the free online games of Miss Moon to play with new friends - the boys Juhl, Joe and their sister Lily. When their mother, the singer, drove off to another tour, they had to stay with a nanny. Initially, no one knew anything about it, but when Miss Moon had to resort to magic in order to correct the results of the pranks of the kids, it became clear that she was a fairy. And she flew in from the Moon, and this was her first assignment as a nanny. Only now she realized how difficult it is to manage children. Now you can play with them, putting puzzles together, coloring pictures, looking for differences and objects.
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Although they say that babies are flowers of life and cute angels, in fact they are real tomboy, they can reach anyone. Not every adult can manage them, and real talent is needed for that. That is why the profession of a teacher, educator or nanny should be chosen carefully, being ready for any surprises.

By animated trail

Miss Moon games online The story, which Miss Moon plays in its own way, began to develop in 2015, when the first 10-minute series of the French animated series appeared. Mrs. McGuffles was a famous and very beloved pop star who constantly had to drive around on tour.

All nothing, but only she had three children, boy Joe and baby Jules, as well as their older sister Lily. Since none of them came of age, they should not be left alone at home. And taking the kids with you is also not an option, because those need to go to school. Miss Moon games online

Outtake only one suggestion to hire a nanny, but only the best. After the casting, the mother of the children chose a young and pretty freckled girl with red curls and green eyes like a cat. Rolling in another round, Mack Gaffles was completely calm, confident that her siblings were in safe hands.

S of this moment and start amazing, incredible adventures, because Miss Moon was the name of a nanny, turned out to be the most real moon fairy. In addition, it was her first job looking after the children, and she was horrified when confronted with their antics. Before that, the girl thought that the little ones were certainly nice and kind, always smiling and listening to their elders. What was her surprise when they began to play pranks. And when Miss Moon tried to correct their tricks, it turned out even worse.

This formed the basis of a cartoon story in which the characters get into adventures full of magic. They will have to face the incredible and unexplored, to get acquainted with the dragon belching fire, to master the control of a flying skateboard, to get to a rock concert on a distant moon. There are still a lot of things that will fall to the lot of three guys, but you can look at them by playing Miss Moon games.

And now let's play Miss Moon games

Only the most popular genres are waiting for you under the heading:

  • Searching games
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring games
  • Memory pictures

Each toy is designed to help young players become more attentive and clever. Sometimes it will take time to perform tasks, showing the best result. Open Miss Moon games to test yourself for free. Miss Moon games online

Search all the stars hidden in the picture, and a magnifying glass will help you with this. Asterisks are perfectly visible without it, but with its help you have to remove them from the site with one click of the mouse button. The most favorite Miss Moon games for many players are puzzles. Colorful mosaics consist of several elements that have to be folded so that a whole picture appears.

This requires concentration and care, because the task is not easy. Do you like to draw? Then run one of the colorings, and help the heroes regain the colors of life. They are sad in the black and white world, and can not wait when you take up pencils. Looking for differences in the pictures is also very fun.

Try it and you will definitely like it. It seems that the illustrations are the same, but suddenly the first discrepancy is found, and this awakens excitement, I want to find the rest of the extra details, complete the level and get to the next one. And to show how well you know English, look for words in the chaos of letters.

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