Monica Gang games

Monica Gang games

Free online Monica Gang games are invited to play with an amazing girl who will not let herself be offended. She fights better than boys, but because she is terribly afraid of Jimmy, although she likes to tease. She first appeared in the animated series, and now masters the gaming space. Monica was born in Brazil, which explains her hot-tempered nature. She has a girlfriend Maggie and a favorite teddy hare, with whom she never part. With the heroine you have to catch a lot of fish, ride the steep slopes on a skateboard, run away from a dinosaur, and paint a couple of beautiful pictures at your leisure.
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Monica Gang games online In 1963, in a distant Brazil, a girl was born Monica. More precisely, she was born on TV screens, and for the first time, viewers learned about her from the comedy animated series, and already much later, Monica's Gang started making about her.

It is necessary to say that this seven-year restless minx is a real tomboy. She will give odds to any boy in terms of fighting and the ability to stand up for herself. In fact, she is kind, loves her blue teddy bunny and her friend Maggie, with whom she spends all her free time. She is not indifferent and loves to make eyes at the boys, like any girl. But as soon as Jimmy Pyatterin appears on the horizon, she instantly becomes enraged. Monica Gang games online

But it is natural, because children still do not know how to express their warm feelings, and therefore they constantly touch each other, trying to push or spoil their favorite toy. That is what happens when Monica and Jimmy are near. The boy destroys sand castles built by girls, picks up their toys and candy. But what Monica really can't bear is when the juvenile cavalier torments her bunny, tying his ears, kicking him, spins and hurls him, and also does other horrible things.

At this moment, Monica just goes wild, and is ready to smudge Jimmy into a wet spot. Having taken away her toy, she continues to pursue the mole, and woe to him if she fails to escape. This happens in every episode, and the audience is so accustomed to a couple of antics that they cannot wait for the story to continue. That is why the creation of the Monica gang games looks like a great idea, and you can explore the rubric for free by going through the proposed tasks.

Exploiting gaming space

As the animated series is intended for the youngest spectators, we expect that the Monica gang games will also interest the younger group of players. Only starting to learn the delights of the virtual universe, kids are happy to choose the following areas:

  • Colorings
  • Pogoni
  • Pictures for memory
  • Adventure
  • Na Agility

When you are friends with such a mischievous, mobile and cheerful girl, there won't be a single boring moment. She will always come up with new entertainment, and will call for herself. And now she decided to ride a skateboard, and chose a difficult track. Monica Gang games online

By controlling it, help not to get off the trail, avoid collisions with obstacles and collect bonuses that you will meet in front. To do this, you must be deft, quickly respond to changes in the situation, and then everything will work out.

Monique’s courage and courage is not to occupy, but once again it is useful to make sure of it. In the story of the Monica Gang game, she once got into the prehistoric world where dinosaurs reigned. These terrible, bloodthirsty and strong lizards live for the sake of hunting, and seeing the baby, they decided to catch her. But if this happens, you will lose the round, and therefore run as fast as possible so that you will not be caught. Directing the heroine, use the arrow keys, and use the space bar to jump the barrier. It is worth trying a little, and you will cope with the difficult task of survival in the wild.

After such a tense game, it is not surprising that I want to sit in peace and quiet. For this occasion, there is fishing, where you go with Monica, grabbing the bait and the big boat. She deftly swam in the middle of the river, and wants to catch the largest fish.

What kind of toy you would not choose with action or creative coloring, pictures for the development of memory, it is always an amazing story. The main thing is that in the company of Monika, time flies by, but there will be many such meetings, and therefore drop in on us more often to play new exciting gaming products.

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