Over the Garden Wall games

Over the Garden Wall games

A beautiful, slightly mystical story is represented by a brief animated series, which now creates free Over the Garden Wall games online. You will be able to play along with the brothers Wirth and Greg, who are accompanied by the bird Beatrice everywhere. If you watched the show, you know that she was once a girl, but a thoughtless act turned her into sialia. The boys get lost in a dark forest, and can not go back, and the games will present them in different situations. You will also have the opportunity to help them build a path through the thicket they will take home.
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Over the Garden Wall games: a fantastic story

Over the Garden Wall games online It's time to escape from serious business, allowing yourself some pleasant solitude behind the scenes of the Over the Garden Wall games. They were preceded by a 10-series cartoon with a fabulous storyline. But this is not just another banal story, but original ones, somewhere philosophical, and somewhere funny adventures of two brothers. The eldest Wirth, a slightly withdrawn, slightly grumbling young man of 16 years. He is a little shy to admit that he plays the clarinet and composes poetry, and also knows the architecture quite well. Being refined in kind, he is in love with Sarah, wears a red cap and a blue raincoat. Over the Garden Wall games online

The complete opposite of Wirth is his younger brother Greg. This is a restless, talkative and noisy child with a kettle on his head and a toad on his chest. He does not even look like a tall and slender brother, having a short stature and a plump physique.

Having found themselves in a wild, frightening and dark forest, the guys overlooked that they should leave a trail behind themselves in order to find their way back home. And when they realized it was too late, they got lost. All attempts to reach the right path led only to the fact that they even more deeply penetrated the thicket.

But there is still hope, though, because the old lumberjack and the talking blue bird, Beatrice, help them. This bird is actually a girl in an azure dress and red hair. She became a bird of Eastern Sialia, in punishment for having once thrown a stone at a similar pichugu. Now, not only she, but her family too, have to flit from branch to branch, waiting for one day someone to help them return to their former appearance, cutting off their wings with magic scissors. At first, she wanted to lure the boys into a trap, but changed her mind, and decided to help.

While in the mysterious forest, the brothers meet various unknown animals with whom they have to communicate. Each series represents a new adventure, but associated with the previous ones. A total of 10 episodes of the animated series were filmed, although it was originally supposed to make 18. Everything that was not included in the cinematographic version On the other side of the hedge was realized in comics. On our portal, all intrigued players can go through the presented virtual fun.

Over the Garden Wall games. Mysterious adventures

It is not easy for computer game creators to compete with successful originals, but they make every effort to offer something of their own, not less interesting. The Over the Garden Wall games are presented in the following directions:

  • Pazzy
  • Memory Cards
  • Finding Differences
  • Adventure mazes
  • Hygiene

Over the Garden Wall games online Join the company, and have fun, overcoming difficulties with your heroes, experiencing joy and complete missions.

To get out of the forest, you need to notice all the signs that have already been passed by. The shape of the trees, the location and shape of the bushes, meadows and stumps, even the way the stones lie, will help you find your way home. But for this you must be observant and have an excellent memory. To strengthen these qualities will help the appropriate Over the Garden Wall games.

Try to remember the location of the pictures, and after they turn away, turn them over to find the same ones. Then try to add puzzles, and see what is depicted on the frames with the heroes stuck on them. And if you are not afraid to personally stand in the face of dangers, go to a dark forest, and clear the way for the brothers to follow. Several levels gradually complicate the task, because it is necessary to remove obstacles, and then understand how to build a path from the presented details. This is the most intriguing adventure that awaits you in games.

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