King Kong games

King Kong games

The greatest primacy of all-time cinema has now become a virtual space, and you can play King Kong games for free. This huge gorilla destroys the house like a box of matches, it costs her to wander into the metropolis. But this is not the only thing that came up with the developers, and you are waiting for other exciting directions. In walkers you will meet Mario, Batman and the cat Doramon. Overcoming obstacles, to use the talents of the heroes, in order to fulfill the mission, earning points and bonuses. You also have to collect Kong in the form of a robot, using many details.
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King Kong games will be great!

Today, no one can be found who does not know who King Kong games is. It was coined by director Merian Cooper, and for the first time it was presented to the public in 1933. This is a prehistoric gorilla that turns out to be among people. The image turned out so successful that it is still actively used in the cinema and gaming computer world. Most recently, in 2017 , the next film "Kong: The Island of the Skull" was released, and by 2020 plan to create another one, where a giant primate will enter into confrontation with Godzilla. But at the moment you will be interested in King Kong flash games, in which you can take control of the exorbitant size of a monkey, setting off towards adventure. King Kong games online

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On the Internet, there are quite a few offers, and each King Kong game is worth a look, but we have collected and offer the most attractive ones.


  • Dracks
  • Na Agility
  • Constructor
  • Meet with characters from other games
  • Disturbations
  • Competitions
  • Logic
  • Puzzles


King Kong games online All King Kong games are available for free, so just choose what you like more and develop events. For example, to admire the face of a big gorilla, you must break all the cells on the field. The image will begin to appear gradually, as if you are doing some kind of magic.

Most often the plot suggests doing the most familiar thing for such a massive animal. Remember what happens when someone so big appears in the city that it is much larger than even the tallest skyscrapers. Of course he breaks them, moreover, without even making special efforts for this. It seems that buildings are made of matches, they fall so easily under the blows of an uninvited guest.

Each King Kong game is a new event. If you like to participate in the destruction, then direct the character to a place where there are especially many houses and other urban objects. The more you manage to break down buildings, the higher your game score will grow. King Kong games online

It seems that anger will never end in a giant ape. Opening the game King Kong, help the brave plumber Mario to defeat the monster. However, you don’t have to fight him, just avoid the barrels that he rolls on you. If you’re smart enough, jump over all the barrels that King Kong throws at you. For each jumped object is awarded 100 points. To complete the task, move with the help of arrows, but the space will help you jump in time. The more levels you pass, the closer to the cherished goal. How do you not know what she is? Of course, in search of the beloved Mario.

Another meeting with Doramon and King Kong in one story. The sky-blue cat uses its abilities to go the distance of the walker, and the gorilla growls and rushes in its own way.

One of the super heroes with unique abilities will meet Batman and her. I wonder if they will help him in confrontation with an angry monster? If you are brave and dexterous, he will certainly fulfill the mission.

Also there is a cool game King Kong, where you have to assemble a mechanical primate from a variety of details. This has not happened yet. You will become a designer, assembling the world's first robot Kong. This is a completely unusual project, and it must be approached responsibly. Examine every detail before finding the right place for her.

With this ferocious beast many more game directions are provided, and each is available on our portal for free online. Just open the next toy, study the rules, requirements, and start the walkthrough in order to reach the goal in several levels.

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