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Doraemon games

To gain an unusual friend, start playing free online games Doraemon, and meet with a funny robot cat from the 22nd century, passing through the portal of time. From his future, he watched the boy Nobita Nobi, and realized that he needed help. Now that the cat next door, a young man is easier to develop logical thinking and dexterity. His school achievement went up the hill, and leisure filled with fun adventure, which you can dream of: a race with friends and search for items, colorful tag and fun "paper, rock, scissors", extraordinary meetings and travel time.
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Doraemon Super Cat Doraemon - a story about a cat, which has passed through time from the future to help the boy Nobita Nobi. This story comes from Japan, which has a huge popularity. Doraemon has appeared in the late 60s, in the form of manga, the story has drawn. Mango, in fact, comic books, or as they are called komikku, in a unique Japanese style. The printed version of the story is so loved by both kids and adults, which was released in 1344 release, which is certainly a lot. But the story did not remain only on paper, based on the story of a heroic cat filmed anime series with equally impressive number of series - in 1787. Moreover cat took part in the shooting of 28 full-length films of anemia, and 8 short. Such popularity has not only stayed within the borders of Japan, and the show began airing around the world, including Russia. Based on the series, their favorite heroes around the world cat Doraemon and Nobita boy released countless computer games, which to this day entertain and encourage children and adults. Overview and diversity of the game Doraemon The very history of the cat and the boy was in a science fiction comic style. Cat from the future 22 Century moved today to come to the aid Nobita in difficult times, used to travel through time, he is super strain. Games Doraemon in the plot retain comedy genre, but variations of adventure games authors have come up with a lot. Educational games: • Along with their favorite characters, children spend time collecting puzzles, and from simple to complex game with dozens of levels, and a limited amount of time. This greatly helps to develop spatial reasoning. • To train your memory developers are invited to find pairs of pictures, which are opened one by one, and all cards can be between 6 and for the youngest, to 35. • promotes the development of attention very search for differences in two or more of the same pictures, or search for specific hidden in the image of characters or objects. • All kinds of quizzes consolidate their knowledge in different sciences and bring exciting new information broadens the mind of children. • A cat Doraemon sending into space, children learn the laws of physics, at least as a force of attraction, and what determines the flight path. Games Doraemon not only development, but also great fun, although the fine motor skills, which game would not choose child develops all the same. With super cat and Nobita can be a lot of fun to relax: • Ride bikes, quads, cars or fly on a space ship; • bowling, tennis or football; • to jump over obstacles or climb up to heaven in the clouds; • Pass a complex maze, defeat enemies lying in wait around the corner, to collect the most coins and tell your friends about it; • shoot, fly, run; • Girls like to organize a wedding Nobi Nobita, Doraemon will prepare a gala dinner or just desserts for friends or just catch the first fish, and then cook it. • And still playing the game Doraemon can visit the spa, Nobita to reduce the hair and dress up in the latest fashion. • Adults will appreciate the logic games and puzzles. Fantasy developers online flash games with his friend the cat and there is no limit, so no matter what the age, and the mood was not to the player, he will be able to choose a game. You can have fun with friends or with their parents, and to arrange a competition to find out who really is the smartest, or play a pair version with dual controls.

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