Fantasy Patrol games

Fantasy Patrol games

Hooray! Now you can not only enjoy the cartoon, but also play free online games Fairy Patrol! You will see the four favorite heroines - Alain, Snowball, Masha and Varya, who keep order in the city of Myshkino. Your old acquaintances dwell in it: Koschey, Leshy, Cat Scientist, Karabas, Ryaba hen, Baba Yaga and other characters Someone entertains people, and someone makes evil plans. Heroic magic patrol of girls will prevent all evils, and you will help them. You are waiting for Action and maintenance in the cafe, colorful puzzles and black and white coloring, as well as the search for different objects.
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Very positive Fantasy Patrol games

Fantasy Patrol games online Tales long ago moved into the world of computer games, and no one is surprised by the appearance of new virtual stories. Cartoons have also become an integral part of it, and therefore we are happy to present the Fantasy Patrol games for free. Events unfold in the town under the strange name Myshkino. It’s just that from the real settlement it is distinguished by the fact that Fantasy heroes live here:


  • Ryaba Chicken
  • Ricked out with chicken legs and her inhabitant Baba Yaga
  • My Bessmortny
  • Gray Wolf
  • Bogatyri
  • Goat Silver Hoof
  • A learned cat that walks along a golden chain around an oak tree, and in our case the Lukomorye cafe is operating in the hollow of a tree
  • The three-headed mouse king from the Nutcracker
  • Least
  • Karabas Barabas
  • Malvina and other fairy tale characters
  • Pushkinskaya squirrel gnawing golden nuts with emerald kernels


This is only a part of the inhabitants of Myshkin, but the main characters are four girls who protect ordinary people from the heroes of folk tales and themselves from the evils. To help them, it's time to play Fantasy Patrol games to play for free while exploring the range.

Most Important Persons

Fantasy Patrol games online It's time to get acquainted with those who carefully preserve the peace of the town. Even if a small blunder happens, people think that this is a publicity stunt for tourists in order to attract and entertain them.


  • Masha green-eyed girl with hair of nut color. Among her friends, she is best known for technical things, and can fix any problem. But although she is close to modern technology, this does not prevent her from drawing energy from nature for her magical experiments.
  • Varyu learn easily by dark hair, and it immediately shows the leader of the team. She is quite reasonable, serious and attentive. If the situation can be dealt with without witchcraft, she will choose this path. Among her abilities: the ability to teleport and levitate.
  • Snezhka cute and kind blonde. Her grandfather Frost is the only character who did not want to change the familiar North to Myshkino, although he did not object to her granddaughter's relocation. Usually the girl is cheerful and responsive, but if she gets angry, it will easily cause a blizzard or freeze someone.
  • Алена red-haired beast. The only one who was born and grew up in Myshkino next to all his mystical and fantastic inhabitants, at the same time, without even knowing about them. She is the noisiest, loves to have fun and violently shows emotions. At first she did not demonstrate any talents in magic, but gradually revealed.


Games for every taste

Fantasy Patrol games online Together, the girls have made an excellent team, and now you can go to the games Adventure patrol of adventure. Bored in this village just never happens. There is always a holiday, fairs, attractions, fun, and it is reflected in the game versions:


  • Pazly
  • Colorings
  • Tests
  • Search
  • Cafe


This section contains games for girls Fantasy Patrol games, which is a pleasure to play daily, talking with the characters. Once the girls decided to try themselves in the restaurant business, and opened a cozy cafe. It turned out that it is not so easy to serve customers, because it is necessary to monitor the correctness of order fulfillment, product range expansion, payment collection and other things. If everything is done quickly and correctly, the institution will begin to give a decent profit, but there is always a risk of burning out. Also Fantasy Patrol games online, these are beautiful pictures that need to be assembled from mosaic pieces. Any chosen fun will bring only joy, because you will fall into the most amazing and unusual town, where the inhabitants are fabulous heroes.

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