Cafe games. Restaurant games

Cafe games. Restaurant games

Start playing games online for free Coffee and build your business. Will enable a smooth start get up and running, will understand the basic principles and how you can earn. Will and effective tips, guides in the right direction. Soon the arrow pop-up will disappear, and you find yourself alone with a queue of buyers who are willing to eat. Give one drink another cupcake, some want juice or coffee. Still have time to clear the table and sweep the floor, to get money for the order and take a new one. Sometimes one will have to be managed, and in other toys will have aides.

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Games Cafe – create a virtual capital

Cafe games. Restaurant games Games for Girls Cafe – it is an opportunity to build their own business, without leaving home and without waiting for adulthood. Already now we can get down to business, earning first capital. The virtual world provides plenty of opportunities for this, and every time you can choose a new direction, to show the hidden talents of the entrepreneur.

The modest institution still unknown purchasers and during the day they have to be a little. This is good, because you have not dealt with all the nuances and can easily make a mistake, but when a little get used to it, will be able to run faster.

is your first experience of the merchant

So, you opened his first cafe. You have little equipment and products, but full of desire to turn the institution into a prosperous enterprise and even in the commercial network. Follow the prompts, you get first class service and arrangement cafe.


  • In a cloud over the client you can see the order and it must quickly build without making human languish in waiting.
  • The next visitor is willing to try a different product, and you have to sort out the ingredients that you have submitted in the kitchen.
  • In the course of games for girls restaurants, you will earn money and at the end of each shift, which ends always at the same time, you will see profits.
  • In order to know how much is left before the end of the day, watch the clock that measured out your hour. Each change – This game level.
  • When, during the game you have to cook in the restaurant accidentally picked the wrong dish, just set it on the table, you may be someone who wants to just such a portion. And no, simply place it in the wastebasket.

The main problem


  • Cafe games. Restaurant games Handle certain number of customers,
  • Earn money;
  • To get to them things that are designed to help you in your work;
  • To expand the possibilities of the institution.

Initially, the modest means available to you only a few machines, furniture and decorations. But when you reach a certain level and the money you will be added, will be more expensive equipment. Its meaning is to accelerate the process of cooking and facilitate the achievement of your objectives.

In addition to the preparation necessary to perform a host of other manipulations. Some games are designed so that you provide as the universal worker.


  • You yourself are taking customers order;
  • get paid for it;
  • to clear the tables,
  • and is ready to spread the coffee;
  • to wipe the floor.

We agree – vain and thankless work, and money you do not have much. But the business – cruel thing, and does not tolerate lazy competitors. If you want to stay on the crest of a wave, do your best.

Cafe games. Restaurant games When the process of online games restaurants already well mastered, and instead of places you have opened several similar items, you become a tycoon. But keep abreast still have to, because the world of money is quite fragile and it must be all the time to feed, to improve. The important role played by the interior of the restaurant. If it cozy, people will always be drawn to such a place.


  • Arrange the tables perimeter;
  • Take a secluded area for couples and couples with children;
  • Window curtain the nice curtains;
  • On the tables shall burn lamps, emitting a soft, warm light.

games restaurants and cafes offer different ways of development of events and business. Sometimes you just focus on customer service, standing behind the counter, and sometimes have to run around the room with a tray. But these games are always associated with making money and improving institutions in favor of the visitors. Commercial law of the jungle is firmly settled in the games of the restaurant business and continues to evolve.

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