Dog With a Blog games

Dog With a Blog games

If you dream of a pet, open free online games Dog With a Blog, and be able to play with the best dog in the world. His call is Sam, and he can talk, read, count and even own a computer. He started his own page on the Internet, where he writes down his observations of people. He lives in the family, but confided his secret only to children: Avery, Tyler and Chloe. Together with them you will have many adventures. Although Sam and clever, but the dog's habits, and during the games he gets dirty, and sometimes gets hurt. It's easy to fix if you bathe and heal the wounds. Now, do math with him.
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Dog With a Blog Games heritage of the series

Dog With a Blog games online Do you know why many brothers and sisters can not live together? Because they do not have a pet, which they could take care of together. They are excellent diplomats, able to reconcile anyone. But the trouble is that not all parents understand the importance of animals for children, refusing to start them, referring to far-fetched reasons. If your parents are as well, tell them about the show and show the games Dog With a Blog online, created for its reasons.

Suzhet is based on the problem, when children of one family do not get along with each other, and the situation is only aggravated.

Event heroes

  • Every is a 13-year-old girl forced to put up with the quirks of the character of Tyler's 16-year-old brother and his 6-year-old sister Chloe. Avery is not judicious and industrious by the years, dreaming of becoming a lawyer in the future. Already, she is not afraid of responsibility and knows how to solve problems, being the president of the school. She is also a member of the cheerleading group and juggles pretty well.
  • Thyler is the exact opposite of Avery. Although he has an undeniable talent for mathematics, he does not like to learn. He knows how to like people, especially girls. Because it is easy for him to give, he is naive, not realizing that they often take advantage of it, taking this as a friendly attitude. Although you can not say right away, but he loves his relatives, and will not leave them in trouble.
  • Chloe is a little sweet tooth with a wild imagination. Already more than once her parents forgot her in the supermarket and, feeling guilty, they were smoothing the purchase of a new doll.
  • Shtan is a talking dog that my father brought into the family, contrary to my mother's objections, to reconcile the children with each other. The dog turned out to be a speaker, but this is his secret, trusted only by children. He has a secret in his pedigree is a cat, and this is not a reason for pride, but because he does not like to discuss it. Stan is very clever, and leads a blog on the Internet in which he witty ridicules the habits of people. In the story there are other characters. For example, Lindsay's bosom friend Averin, who begins to chatter if she is nervous. But Karl Fink competes with Averin for the title of the smartest pupil of the school.

These characters entertained you on the series, but it's time to open the game section, and see what she offers.

In the world of fun entertainment

Dog With a Blog games online First of all, I must say that you can in the games Dog With a Blog to play for free.

Do not waste time, study our collection, and play in each of the amusements, whose angsts are:

  • Games Dog With a Blog of the rally
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Hygiene
  • Search
  • On reaction
  • This allows you to spend as much time on the process as you want, which is especially important for gaming products, where you have to perform many actions, passing levels.

You have to help Stan add a new entry to his blog and read the book. You remember that adults do not know about his unique abilities, and this rule can not be violated. Therefore, everything should be done secretly, managing to do it in snatches, while the host or mistress is in the next room.

Staying alone with you when you are at the Dog With a Blog games to play online, quickly read a couple of pages, but then go to another room where there is a computer. Passing by a person, pretend to be a normal dog that sniffs a flower or becomes interested in a cobweb in the corner. Be sure to select the bones to replenish the energy level.

In addition to the adventure free games Dog With a Blog prepared the opportunity to take care of your four-footed friend. Like all dogs, he sometimes gets dirty and injured, so stay for him a doctor, sewing up the wounds and cuts on the body, and buy a fur coat.

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