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Coco Games

A comedy-musical cartoon about the boy Miguel Rivera was released recently, and you can already play free online Coco games. Go with the hero to where no living soul has ever been - to the world of the dead. Help the young man fulfill his dream and become a musician, overcoming the ban of relatives, both living and deceased. To do this, go through all the levels, solve puzzles and get bonuses. Time is fleeting, and in order not to leave Miguel among the skeletons, it is worth hurrying. There are a lot of tests ahead, but do not be afraid to stumble, because there is always an opportunity to replay and fix everything.
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Coco Games Mexican Family Secret

Coco Games In October 2017 The premiere of the American cartoon "Coco" in the genre of musical adventure comedy. A month later, the Russian-language dubbing was ready, and after a few more weeks Coco games appeared for free.

It should be said that the animated film has every chance of becoming better this year, although there were attempts to accuse the Pixar studio of plagiarism, hinting at the similarity with another cartoon - The Book of Life, which also played on the theme of the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Actually, there are similar moments in both products, but the plots are completely different, so the hype quickly subsided.
For such a short time, the cartoon's rating reached almost the top, and this was where the participation in the release of the Walt Disney studio played an important role.
Music in the cartoon is an integral part of it. Each moment has its own song or background music written, which amounted to only 38 tracks, which take 1 hour, 38 minutes and 40 seconds.

In the virtual world of the game, the Secret of Coco is called according to the name of the musical comedy. Although the developers have just started working on a collection of computer fun, there is no doubt that it will cover all popular areas.

What does Rivera dream of?

Coco Games When the idea to create a cartoon about the Day of the Dead appeared, representatives of Pixar studio went to Mexico to study in detail the features of this holiday, and so that the skeletons did not frighten the audience, they were specially given an attractive look.
Before playing Coco games, let's get acquainted with the heroes of the story and find out what it is about.
The main character of the story is a 12-year-old boy Miguel Rivera. He lives in the village with his family, and although his father works as a shoemaker, this does not prevent him from dreaming of a musical career. However, his ancestors consider music to be something forbidden, sinful and unnatural. To break this stereotype, Miguel goes to the world of the dead. There he must find the spirit of his idol, a talented musician Ernesto de la Cruz. Only it must be done before dawn, otherwise he will not return home alive.

In the adventures of a young talent, the funny skeleton Hector takes an active part. He promised help to a new friend, but he is more in the way and constantly deceiving.
In the afterlife, the boy meets his deceased relatives and learns that his great-great-grandmother Imelda, who could not stand her, introduced the ban on music. He will also meet guitarist Ernesto, who during his lifetime was a favorite of the public, and in the other world his fame increased even more.
Among other characters:

  • Babulita Elena is another old representative of the family of Miguel, sticking to the order to ban everything related to playing music.
  • Babula Coco, the boy’s beloved great-grandmother, with whom he shares his secrets.
  • Chicharron comrade Hector, always grumbles, which is not surprising, because everyone has forgotten about him.
  • Dad Miguel Enrique.
  • Mom Miguel Louise.

Coco Games As well as his many uncles and aunts.

Computer Adventures

We offer Coco games for girls, although everyone can play them. You are waiting for new acquaintances and adventures, and another opportunity to show tactical skills in the direction of "three in a row."
Each level brings you closer to the final victory, but in the meantime, put together the same elements to get enough points to get additional bonuses.
Excitement and dedication are the main criteria for playing Coco online. It's time to test yourself, so start the fun and set personal records for the speed and purity of the passage.

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