Zak Storm Super Pirate Games

Zak Storm Super Pirate Games

Discover free online Zak Storm Super Pirate games to play, going to one of the most exciting adventures. You will see a boy who enjoys surfing, but turned into a brave commander of the ship, leading an unusual team. The Kalabrasse sword gives him the power of the Seven Seas, and this does not give rest to Scullivar. Between them there is a constant enmity. Can Zak, along with Sese, Krogan, Clovis, Karamba and Calabrasse, cope with it? The inhabitants of a magical country count on this very much. Find the enchanted treasure of the island, fighting with monsters from the sea depths.
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Adventure Games Zach Storm Super Pirat

Zak Storm Super Pirate Games Zak Storm Super Pirate Games Another animated series turned into a computer game, and we present the game Zach Storm Super Pirate. From the title just guess what events await you incredibly funny, filled with the spirit of mischief and adventure. You will meet the main character of the boy Zach, surrounded by new friends, and together go to conquer uncharted distant lands. But first, let's see how it all began.

Amazing Story Zak

All the guys dream about something and, as a rule, their fantasies are very similar. They imagine themselves as cool athletes, knights or pirates. Zack Storm Super Pirate games help the desired, if not bring it to reality, then get a little closer to it. How to do this, he knows a young man who loves surfing. It was only during the competition that an incredible big wave occurred that caught him and drew him into the Bermuda Triangle. There was just opened a portal to another world, and the boy's gravity sucked inside.

Possessing strength and courage, he quickly came to his senses and even headed the ship under the strange name "Chaos." However, this is not a simple vessel, because it contains the power of the Bermuda Triangle, with its mysterious weaves of space-time anomalies. The equipment has everything you need for dangerous wanderings on the sea: sails and batteries, working from sunlight. If you have to get involved in serious disassembly, for this he has in store rocket complexes. And when you have to overcome land, the ship has steel legs, on which he deftly moves across the expanses of a magical land.
Zack got acquainted with the inhabitants of the Seven Seas so is the name of the place where he went. It turned out that they need help, and only our brave boy can give it. Since every captain must have a loyal team, Zack also has it, and now we’ll get to know her.

Meet Zach Storm's friends

  • Mech Cal Calabrass his first found when he got into this wonderful world. According to legend, the blade gives the one who owns it, an incredible force. Moreover, in different hands it manifests itself in different ways, and if a person is angry, then his actions will be appropriate. If we talk about the abilities that the young man received, they are always different, depending on which of the seven seas they are in the current period of time. If it is a sea of ​​ices, the hero’s hands become covered with ice, turning into shields.
  • Zak Storm Super Pirate Games Karamba think tank team. It looks like a big yellow metal sphere with a screen and multifunctional limbs. Thanks to him, Zack always has a cunning plan, even for the most difficult situation.
  • Clove the cheerful ghost of a boy. And although he likes to be naughty and seems frivolous, he contributes to the defense of Bermuda.
  • Krogan is a big and strong Viking, but not at all harsh. You will see him during the game Zack Storm Super Pirate, and pay attention to the costume. It is composed of unrelated parts of a car's tires, a horned helmet, a breastplate with a dragon, and a sword is generally something high-tech from an unknown future.
  • Sese, the former princess of Atlanta, now navigator of the ship. Brave girl, do not say anything. And beautiful reminds elf.

There is a plot in the game Zack Storm Super Pirate and its antagonists:

  • Scullivar wears a black cloak, wants to get the sword of Calabrass and his strength in order to become the ruler of the Seven Seas.
  • Gold bone is a robot of golden bones, which is subordinate to Skullivar. The adventures of the game Zack Storm Super Pirate begin, and it's time to go to a distant island for treasure hidden by a sorcerer.
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