Sally Bollywood games

Sally Bollywood games

Play online games Sally Bollywood will never get bored, the more it's free. Sally is the main heroine of the detective cartoon series, but now she has mastered and in the virtual world, continuing investigations together with Tom. Her father helped her open the agency, and now she catches all sorts of crooks and scammers. By joining her, you will become part of the team and also learn how to collect evidence, put them in the database, compare what you saw. There are a lot of training ahead, but Sally still has a school life, and there is a graduation ball. It's an occasion to dress up, so there will be dressers too.
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Games Sally Bollywood and her adventures

Sally Bollywood games Sally Bollywood games We present to your attention the games of Sally Bollywood, which became possible thanks to the animated series. This time the French tried, headed by director Emmanuel Butetny. They released their product in 2009. under the original name"Sally Bollywood: Super Detective". Each series lasts 25 minutes, and they are enough to tell the audience another fascinating story about Sally and her friends.

Very inquisitive heroine

The events are developing in the Indian town of Cosmopolis, and the main heroine is a teenage girl. Although at a young age everyone shows enough curiosity and insight, Sally was even more restless and witty. She noticed any small thing and saw what was not given to others. Possessing such an unusual talent, grabbing for the edge of an invisible thread of evidence, she could untangle the whole tangle, getting to the truth.

Of course, she was not alone in her addiction to adventure, and her crony friends, with whom she discussed every new case, helped her in everything. Having perfected her deductive skills, the girl began to investigate various kinds of crimes. This was the basis for the animated series, and then appeared the games of Sally Bollywood.

Father Harry, seeing the successes of his daughter, decided to contribute to the fulfillment of her most cherished dream, and helped to open her own detective agency. Since that moment, the team of the guys officially begins to engage in investigative work. Cases they come across are different, and often unusual, daring, at first glance incomprehensible.

Drugs did not even suspect that in their city there were so many possible crooks, thieves, bandits of different stripes. Everyone is capable without a twinge of conscience to appropriate someone else, deceive or even commit a more serious crime. That's with these elements of society and have to deal with the heroes of the game Sally Bollywood.

It's time to open fun

Sally Bollywood games Basically you have to investigate the crime, which is not surprising, but since Sally is a girl, she does not forget about the outfits. Especially when the school ball is on the nose, where the queen should be chosen. It is not necessary to hurry, because this is the main event for all girls, and finding the perfect outfit is very important. Open in the icons all the options for clothing and accessories, try on the heroine, and leave what it most goes.
But let's see what the games of Sally Bollywood have prepared in the main thematic:

  • Work with special equipment to explore the terrain.
  • Search for traces of hands and feet.
  • Make them prints.
  • Determine which traces the criminal belongs to using the database.

Once you solve one puzzle, the next one appears, and so on until the whole chain of investigation is passed.
But this is not all the adventures that sang the game Sally Bollywood. In one of them, Sally and her friend Tom started to play and did not notice how dark it was. Looking around, the guys saw what kind of disorder reigns in the house. Because they scattered things themselves, they themselves must also be removed, so what's the deal. Examine each room and see the number of items that should be put in their places. This is very similar to the collection of evidence during the investigation, so you can consider this work a workout. Carefully look around and find the item specified in the tape, and then return it to the right place. When you manage in one room, proceed to another one until you bring order to the whole house.

You will surely like to communicate with the heroes of game products, helping them in important and serious matters. And we will try to expand the range to prolong your pleasure.

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