Gattu Battu games (GB games)

Gattu Battu games (GB games)

Two detectives are constantly fighting crime, which is easy to make sure by opening GB games for free to play online. GB and GB are inseparable friends. One strong, strong and brave, the second does not tolerate fuss, but is guided by deductive methods. Once, after leaving their native city, they rushed to China. On the way, they overcome many obstacles in order to eventually meet with Bruce Lee. The master of martial arts was glad to meet, and offered his help in training, so the adventure continues. Become part of the team, and solve all the puzzles.
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Fighting Gattu Battu games (GB games)

Gattu Battu games (GB games) Want to go on a journey and learn the adventure? Then open the Gattu Battu games, and meet the heroic couple of friends Batt and Gattu. Immediately it should be said that they are detectives from the city of Vigrapur, and they have their own agency. How they manage with him, what they do, and where their paths of destiny lead, you will learn by talking to your friends closer.

Best friends and detectives

Each character has its own role in the tandem. If Batt is an ideal strategist with a developed sense of intuition, solving arising problems, resorting to logic, his partner Gattu prefers to act with force and pressure. He is also fair and courageous, which is very important in their business. More than once they have to chase the criminals and collect evidence at the crime scene. Although the guys know their job, a fresh look never hurts, so join them. Opening the game Gattu Battu, you are waiting for the role of a partner, and therefore get ready to show what they can, exploring the next place of crime and collecting suspicious objects.

In addition, they are waiting for you:

  • Unusual encounters
  • Dracks
  • Solving Puzzles
  • Run from the closed space
  • Plots of agility and speed

Unexpected plot twists

Once happened with Ting-Tong, a nuisance took place in the house, he accidentally hit his head and lost consciousness. Such injuries often lead to hallucinations, because what happened later could well have been attributed to them. But the Bruce Lee phantom that emerged turned out to be too tangible and aggressive, so that it could be dismissed from it just like that. Bruce attacked Tonga, and nothing was left but to accept the challenge. It’s good that our hero studied martial arts from Shaolin monks for five years. It's time to check how well science has learned. Choose an effective tactic, and show the intruder who is in charge here.

On this adventure only gaining momentum, and the plot of the game Gattu Battu sends you along with Tong to China. Battu learned that Bruce was resting there, and our heroes decided to pay him a return visit. However, this meeting will have to be postponed, because Tong has fallen into an underground trap, and now he has to find a way out of it. Keep calm and study everything thoroughly. Surely there are objects around that can help in solving the problem, and Battu will not leave in trouble.

Gattu Battu games (GB games) Gattu Battu games (GB games) When the trap was left behind, the friends continued on their way, intending to meet with Bruce Lee. But they did not expect that the route to which they will reach will be so lively. Playing games Gattu Battu, you should not lose vigilance, and try to cross the highway, which is rapidly racing cars. To avoid getting under the wheels, look around all the time, keeping the situation under control.

Having passed all the tests of the game Gattu Battu, the heroes finally got to the goal. It turned out that Bruce was not a bad guy, and was glad to see the meeting. In addition, he agreed to become a mentor and coach for Gattu, and even invited him to his house, located in a small village. It is here that further training will be held, and everything will start from cutting the fruit with the sharpest scimitar. You benefit from the double benefit of this kind of training, along with Gattu, agility, speed and reaction, as well as preparing an excellent vitamin salad.

The more intensely you wave the blade, the smaller the pieces are. Gradually, the speed increases. Bruce makes it more difficult for you to become a real professional as soon as possible. If you are ready to accept the challenge, start playing more quickly, and you will enjoy a lot of fun.

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