Volt games

Volt games

The current online games, created based on the eponymous animated film, and now you can play for free with a cute little dog, who only know the real world. Before that, he starred in the series, and just live in the studio, but the true life does not know anything. But with your help, he quickly mastered, because he will have many adventures, and without an experienced guide he can not do. Many dangers lurk in his way, villains expect to grab the hero by surprise. We can not allow the hero lost, because for him it would be a real tragedy.

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Dog – each person

Volt games plant puppy in the house, we start to perceive it as a tiddly child who is all interesting, funny and new. However, it is this is curiously trying to infiltrate into every corner, in order to examine it carefully. Playing with him is a pleasure and always fun. It's hard to keep from smiling when soft, clumsy a ball rolls over while walking from side to side, or trying to run after a stick thrown. But puppies grow quickly and turn into adult dogs, and then what do you have a relationship with him, affects its character and future relations.

Dogs – recognized by friends, rescue workers, rangers. They quickly taught tricks and understand the requirements of owners. In difficult moments they are willing to keep up with the aid, and the fun they have no equal. It seems that they understand just can not put into words his thoughts. They are often filmed in major film roles, and the animation is able to give them human characteristics and make us even closer, well, computer products allow to go together in a new adventure and become a full-fledged companion.

Funny games V

Volt games This column is dedicated to one of these courageous pets that is not afraid of obstacles and ready to fight even with the enemy army. Meet games Volt free! This cute, white and fluffy puppy first living in an imaginary world of cinema, starring in the TV series. For him, everything looks like a kaleidoscope of color pictures, where each step is predetermined script, and the audience is ready to applaud his talent. But one day he finds himself on the streets of the city with its strict rules, deceit and injustice. Then nobody writes replica, and your fate depends on you. Initially, Volt thinks it continued filming and trying to present himself spectacularly, but soon realizes that the very different life and adapts to the new existence.

For a long time, as an actor, he studied various tricks and tricks that are now useful to him in dangerous situations and normal everyday life. Well, that Volta has a girlfriend and hostess Penny is well versed in the various mechanisms and easy to read clues, no worse zapravskogo detective. Together, they often oppose Calico and his gang, using all their skills.

Join them and become friendly tandem, against which no one can resist the enemy. Suppose you move even entire armies of enemies, try to destroy and crush you, but when in the heart of courage and determination in the soul, it is better than any artificial armor. You have to:

  • jump on the roofs, flying through the dangerous gap between the roofs;
  • to jump over the high fence;
  • to avoid traps;
  • to collect bonus items;
  • decipher codes.  

Volt games You will not just play the Volt, and to exercise the power of logic thinking, endurance and precision movements. It should be mistaken in one thing, as the round will end in defeat.

Mini Games will help develop useful skills, and each is aimed at stimulating specific skills. In order to go through the maze, one must have intuition and see the picture as a whole. To find the code for the safe boxes or have during the game to be observant in order not to miss an important combination. More offers to find the same pictures that are turned wrong side for you. By clicking on each, it will reveal a few seconds the image to hide it again. Remember, where there are any, you have to click on two identical illustration to open and remove them from the field. And these jobs can serve as an additional job or be fully independent game.

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