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Samorost games

Among the distinguished quests nice free online game Samorost, which appeared in several series, and gave a boost to other authors to create a similar toy. Little dwarf, whom the author called Zamora, wanders through the surreal world, completing quests. Objects found it useful, but also necessary to use mechanisms, but sometimes well hidden levers. Play it nice because all locations are shown with the author's fiction, and not like the usual items. Since there are many similar games, heading offers a lot of interesting stories.

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The history of the game Samorost

Samorost games On the background of mass stamping of computer games, which are not always distinguished by the beauty and interesting gameplay, yet there are sometimes unique designs that stand out a thrilling story and nontrivial performance. In 2003, the author was released Quest « Samorost » - The first part of Zamora, which was the thesis work of Jakub Dvorsky short animation. Despite the originality of the project, teachers are not fully appreciated the works of the author, and put it a rating « well », instead of « excellent ». Players also have been more open to perception and unanimously gave their highest scores rare project Yakub. The game is free and because it could meet everyone.

Samorost games of the project, Dvorsky photographed with a digital camera on the grass, roots, trees, stones, moss, and then process the image in the program Adobe Photoshop, cropping and adjusting superfluous details carefully retouching them. When the pictures were ready, he imported them in Macromedia Flash, which is already created herself animation, gaming scene, superimposed music and sounds. The game is made in the genre of casual surrealistic quest, and as the main character stands a little man, called the author of a dwarf. The graphics are not like the usual for us to play and it is advantageous to allocate the rest of the mass. It looks more like a painting by artists working in the genre of Surrealism, but because you do not know what lies ahead of you. As in any quest, the character moves on the locations and makes certain steps to open access to new, and all the works are intended to save the planet dwarf collision with an asteroid.

Further, there was a continuation of – Samorost 2, where the character is sent to rescue a loved one from aliens. For interest allowed gamers to play for free is only part of the game and is followed by an offer to buy the game for a nominal fee of five dollars. It seemed kind of a disappointment, but because each work shall be paid, and the amount is not so inaccessible. This quest is designed in the style of the author, and therefore there is no doubt that he will not disappoint the players, fans and Jacob are already looking forward to the new version of the game.

The further – the more interesting!

Samorost games What happens when you try to specify a search engine « Samorost 3 play »? In this case, we see offers download or find the third part of the game that have nothing to do with Jakub Dvorsky. This is just an imitation became popular in the style of performance, and how it is executed qualitatively, to judge you. Most interesting is that even the downloaded version is not always thus Zamora, but only Tutorials foreign language for children. On the Internet, you'll see screenshots and video review as Samorost 3 to play, but if you go to the official website of the author, we see all of his work, such as:

  • Samorost first and second portions;
  • Machinarium;  
  • Botany;  
  • Quest « Vacation »;  
  • A short game « Rocketeer » for Nike;  
  • interactive music video « Siege » and another small quest.  

However, no trace of the third Samorost! What is this elusive and mysterious game – it is not clear, but the mystery stirs interest. But while we wonder, let tested for quality toys by other authors, trying to imitate Jacob. This space theme, in which the hero saves someone and solve complex puzzles. Sometimes you propose to build a new civilization, or learn new planet. Whenever you find yourself in a new environment and must find the right way to solve all tasks, moving from location to location.

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