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Prototype games

You find yourself the victim of New York, and the protagonist, Alex Mercer, his main character. You guessed it, that before you free online games prototype, but because you were anticipating the coming battles. Alex was influenced by the virus and now everyone he absorbs, becoming part of it. It gets their knowledge and abilities, and they make him more dangerous. You will love to play in this new world where martial law in name only, and around the anarchy and chaos. Come quests, collect artifacts and perform due mission.

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The fear that excites the imagination

Prototype games Without spectacles, life becomes boring and trivial. To somehow diversify fresh everyday, people are always looking for an opportunity to excite yourself, shake. Previously this were the following:

  • busker
  • acrobats entertained the audience
  • jugglers
  • handlers wild animals
  • swallowers of swords, fire

Also, compose different stories and frightening each other scary stories about devils, mermaids, dragons, witches and sorcerers. Today, they were replaced by more terrible monsters – zombies, werewolves, vampires, mutants. But it ceased to tickle the nerves and the people, at breakneck speed, rushed to jump with a parachute from a high bridge with an elastic band, he took up parkour, climbing, conquered the depth and experience communion with the fate of sharks. What all this extreme sports attract people? – the opportunity to get sharp emotions, cause a feeling of fear and excitement. We have so ossified in constant troubles and disasters that our invisible armor to break through is becoming increasingly difficult. Against this background, even the old vampire movies we laugh more than their naivete, although at one time people came from them in horror. When in 1818, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein book, though, based on his dream, her literary work scaring the reader is not a joke. Today, it looks like a lyrical drama, where the main note is sounding rather sorry for mental anguish harmless creature, which itself is afraid of people, hiding from their eyes. Modern horror movies, horror books and computer games similar to invent more and more new ways to scare us. And it should be in my heart worms stir fear, he lowers his head again and continues his slumber. We used that good, no matter how feeble it may be, still wins most insidious and murderous evil. Very rarely are courageous writers who are ready to go against the rules, allowing the horror of triumph.

Innovative game prototype

Prototype games In 2009, under the auspices of the company Radical Entertainment released Prototype - a sci-fi shooter where events take place on the side of the face. The protagonist of the game Prototype – Alex, who was the victim of scientific experiments. During the disaster, he was wounded, but when he returned to life, it turned out that he had lost his memory, and only the current state – a feeling of hatred for all living things.

to break out, he began to destroy everything around. His unbridled rage multiplied by the indomitable force, given the amount of a catastrophic result. There is not a drop of compassion and as his power grows, it is with even greater ferocity experiencing it. He did not care who is now in front of him – male or female, the offender or the servant of Themis, a child or a pet, young or old, or live zombies. It is any tear off his head and did not even wince. He's like a tank moving through the streets and in the process destroys a building, throws cars pulls the trees out of the ground like spikes. He had no reason to look for the elevator and the stairs – one leap he climbs to the very tall building or jumps down, and the asphalt crumbles beneath glass. He should put his hand to the ground, and it will come out of it a few meters away with sharp claws sabers.

Stop or impossible to reason with him. But the most dangerous thing is that all the time he mutates and acquires new lethal capability. The process involves passing game prototype missions, but if you do not want to mess with the mandatory tasks, you can just run around town without a specific purpose and to destroy its inhabitants. Final toys meaningful if the player given the opportunity to think through it.

Prototype games presented the 2009 game prototype for today's already had time to acquire a sufficient number of fans action with well-structured sequential story. So he drew the attention of the fans and the cycle of games of the assassin, because the prototype has so kindly to their hearts elements of parkour. In short, the game is exciting and is designed for users with a completely different range of interests. You have to play for a very unusual character. Alex – a mutant endowed with superhuman, not only in respect of strength, speed and combat skills, but also an extraordinary ability to absorb all those who meet him on the road. Absorb – This means not only to destroy the person, but also to be able to copy it looks. And also study in detail all that is in the memory of the victims. It is from these memories and you have to make a picture of their own history of transformation from normal (or not this too conventional? ) Man Alex Mercer in the monstrous monster.

The place – virus-infected New York, where formally the martial law, and in fact rampant anarchy and panic. By the way, its role in that situation it is, you too will eventually appreciate. In the meantime, we have to run around Manhattan, performing As a plot and side quests. In parallel, absorbing a lot of enemies and collecting genetic material that plays in the prototype one of the most important roles. Enemies have more than enough – this US Army soldiers, among whom are representatives of a special unit of « Black Watch », and mutants, and sometimes ordinary residents of New York, which are relevant to your story. That is why you are unlikely to get bored look of your character. After defeating and absorbing his enemy, he gets his looks. So you run in completely different roles – soldier, another monster, and even, if you wish, venerable gray-haired old man or a young girl. But in any shape you are your special abilities. For example, instead of growing a long, deadly whip hand and, of course, run on vertical surfaces. The hero is not needed for anything to cling to, the distance of the wall he overcomes as easily as on the asphalt. At our site you can download games for free prototype!

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