Army Games

Army Games

Army games online are a great alternative for boys to shoot and fight, and it's better to let it happen during an online game than on the street. Here you can play for free, speaking out against enemies of different colors and classes, be ше the royal army or a bandit group, aliens from outer space, or the resurrected dead. Everyone has their weapons, but for the attack and defense to be effective, do not underestimate the enemy. They also know how to fight, and their arms are no worse than yours. Gather a squad, diversify your arsenal and place your guard towers around the perimeter in the enemy way.

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Army games are the lifestyle of a real man!

Army Games Boys rarely play with baby dolls, but even those who occasionally allow themselves to look at them remain true fans of machine guns, rifles, pistols, and slingshots. They know all brands of weapons and are well-versed in combat tactics. Their favorite games are running around in the yard with friends and arranging Army games. In their arsenal, there will always be a couple of toy firearms, a few grenades, a mine detector, binoculars, swords, and a bow with arrows. In summer, you can hide behind a bush or tree, and the game brings a new tone in winter. Snow fortresses and shelters grow up in the yard, and snowballs turn into deadly weapons - grenades. But sometimes, the weather does not favor walks and games, and then PC games for boys come to the rescue. It's just as exciting as the products offer many ways and opportunities to feel like or grow up to be a general, starting with the rank of a private soldier.

Games for kids and adults

These games are presented in such a variety that even young men who have matured for a long time cannot deny themselves the pleasure of undermining something or shooting down a couple of dozen opponents. You can play realistic simulators for a single day, but we suggest paying attention to flash games that do not take much time, and you can get acquainted with several variants of this genre in just one evening. Playing online Army games is simple and does not require special knowledge of military art. But that's the beauty of them. Very often, such games are full of specific humor, and the process only benefits from an unconventionally presented plot. And plausibility is not a mandatory component for such entertainment.

Choose a hero:

  • Army GamesThe battle of rolls or emoticons is pure fantasy of the developers. These little roundies funnily roll around the field, but, despite their rounded physique, they feel very comfortable in the role of warriors.
  • The Worms game, where militant worms launched a real military campaign, has become so popular that even adult users turn to it with passion, installing it on their PC and mobile phone or playing online. Here, not only automatic and machine guns are used, but even atomic bombs!
  • It seems that the entire animal world has decided to become like a man since even hedgehogs have shown their spines, and now they are sorting things out through the use of force. You can ride a dinosaur instead of a horse and ride it to attack. The dragons also parked at the field edge and wait for their turn.
  • Heroes of fantasy worlds also did not share something and went to war with each other. Army games for boys call to stand on one of the sides and help win. It seems that the world has gone crazy, and everyone who is not lazy is getting involved in the war - monsters, bugs, gangsters, and even viruses, money, and shadows are not far behind.
  • Medieval wars are no less common than modern ones. You can fight one on one with another knight or fight as part of a whole army, besieging the castle of the opposing side. Or maybe the glory of Robin Hood haunts you? Then arm yourself with a bow and arrows and go to the forest, waiting for the carriage of a rich nobleman or a detachment of the royal horsemen.

Army Games

Conquest of space

It can be wars in the air, on the ground, on the water, or under it - the main thing is that you like what you see. You can fight by driving a tank, plane, submarine, space rocket, or a fantastic vehicle. Army games are for brave warriors with a sense of humor.

From ancient times, boys had one of the simple games - Army games. No one knows the exact rules, and there never were any. The main idea of such a game is the confrontation of two opposing forces. Everything was used: water cannons, hands, sticks. Probably, aggression occupies a lot of space in men's blood, even though modern society no longer requires them to possess combat skills. With the advent of the first computers, Army games have moved to virtual space - shooters are almost the same age as modern personal computers. We also offer you to fight on the battlefield by playing online Army games.


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