Lego City Police games online

Lego City Police games online

No city is complete without police protection, and when you play free online games Lego City Police, you will see that even in such a modern village will be without tight. The pursuit of criminals – virtual life of the law enforcement service. Lego cars are not afraid to accelerate and make turns in sharp bends. The machine is made safe and not crumble at the wrong time, but because the bandits have difficulty, when they were arrested and sent to prison Lego. You do not have to make one visit to the crime scene, which guarantees excitement going on.

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Police Legoland always on guard

Lego City Police games online It is sad, but wherever people live, be sure there will be those who try to disrupt the peaceful way of life, and bring trouble to others to break the law. Underworld never sleeps, and while citizens of resting or having fun after work, criminals looking to rob a house, shop, bank, or a passerby on the street. They are easy to use force and therefore are particularly dangerous. We only hope to protect their lives – call the police, who arrest criminals and even a little cleanse the city from criminal elements. It can boast of well-being and Legoland – Lego country. By creating their own society, she suddenly acquired and individual criminal world and tell more about this game Lego City Police.

Weekdays Lego police chases are full of bandits and coming you a real race on the streets of plastic on a fast transport. You should catch up and destroy those who dare to go against the law. The struggle to be a difficult, intense danger, shootouts with laser guns. At each level, you will be able to pump your own transport, raising its characteristics, but do not forget that criminals also know how to speed up your own car.

Lego City Police games online Lego City Police game unfold before your eyes the most incredible situations. Statistics show that the most terrible crimes committed during mass celebrations. Instead of enjoying the fireworks and fun, the bandits enjoy the fact that people have lost their vigilance and work with a vengeance. Especially dangerous to leave their homes unattended in the New Year, leaving on vacation. It's like an invitation to thieves leave to visit your abode and take whatever they will like. New Legoland police never sleeps and is always on the alert, ready to go to the new address to prevent looting and catch the brazen thieves.  
By controlling the Lego police officer should be:

  • to develop the speed of  
  • collect bonus items  
  • spasayt gifts that have attracted enemies cheerful holiday  

But what is it? Criminals have already climbed into space! Is time to patrol and interstellar space? Unfortunately, yes, but the game Lego City Police Station to help bring order and in the sky. You are waiting for serious offenders who move with lightning speed, winding and confusing traces in the dark and bottomless celestial spaces.

The new mission of the game Lego City Police

Lego City Police games online Each mission – this is your new job is getting harder. The only thing that will help is to increase each time the characteristics of its aircraft. This will be possible only after you manage to complete your current job, so you should make every effort to catch up and neutralize the space pirates. You think, where are all these brave officers? The Legoland has a police academy, which trains people to be real brave cops. If you want to become the same, start Lego City Police Station play and soon you yourself turn into a driver for criminals. Your first task will be to return to the prison the bandits, who were able to escape from prison and now walk free.

Jump into the trucks, helicopters, cars and motorcycles, catch the fugitives and dispatches them according to the law. There is even a Lego game Forest City police, where all the action takes place on trails in the dense undergrowth. Pursuit promises to be an exciting and tense. Do not let criminals hide in the woods and catch them all to a man.

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