Lego minifigures games online

Lego minifigures games online

Online Games Lego minifigures, a collection of stories in which the characters are there any suit. We invite you to play for free, so you have an opportunity to explore closer Legoland residents, to visit different parts of it, and enjoy socializing. Build, you build a whole new streets, collect cars and other objects. But will have to take up arms, and even to go into space. In the role of the police chase criminals, fire will extinguish the fire, the astronauts to travel among the stars, super heroes fight monsters, archaeologists make scientific discoveries.

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Secrets, secrets and surprises

Lego minifigures games online Lego minifigures games online is probably the most densely populated part of our gaming site, is a mini game of Lego, which is inhabited by a variety of heroes, waiting for the opportunity to share with you their fascinating stories. Each of them is reserved for the occasion and wish the story to captivate each player in a new adventure, which will certainly accompany you personally. Choosing a plot in which at that moment you would like to be, ready to get an unforgettable impression. Even such an ordinary activity like fishing can bring leisure pleasant emotions and excitement. In itself, this activity has gained a lot of fans, but when it happens during a game of Lego minifigures, we can expect real surprise.

Your objective in the game to fish yellow fish without hitting the red. Since the desired floating at the bottom, it makes it very difficult and it is necessary to direct the rod in the right direction, wielding the arrow keys on your keyboard. Tosses and Lego puzzle hunter, but it's not quite the hunting you imagine. A treasure hunter was in the ancient pyramids and ancient buildings such as the well known, traps abound. To complete a level, it is necessary to move the colored blocks Lego, setting them on the same specified color space, but so that they do not move while in contact with each other. One wrong move, and all work is down the drain – will have to start anew.

Since we are talking about the pitfalls, let us go to space and see what we have prepared here Test Lego minifigures game. Our hero – astronaut, fell into the trap. It is dominated by blocks of Lego, blocking the way to the next level. He has to shoot a blaster as to destroy all the bricks. Not always it has to be a direct hit, because excellent beam ricochets from the steel walls and is redirected to one of the objects. But if at first simple, then at the next surprise is waiting for you. Red blocks themselves fall out of their cells and fall on the head of the astronaut. This means that the level will not be passed until the hero can not cope with the task, avoiding the destructive influence of poorly secured construction.

Games Lego minifigures for girls and boys

Lego minifigures games online And as you enjoy carrot rain who arranged bunny? This toy like girls who are learning to play the heroine of Little Red Riding Hood. It is armed with a basket and must catch all the carrots that have so generously scatters eared, but he was still so crafty and periodically throws her spiders. If in the heat of gape and catch it in a basket and postponed in the passage of a step back. Here's a game for attentiveness and reaction awaits girls who love to play Lego. But the boys are happy to present the medieval knight, who serves in the tournament and demonstrate their abilities in the javelin. Manage the process very easy and you need to quickly acquire the key « », a space that he took a run as it should, and near the ski jump threw his gun as far as possible. Ahead lined objects that represent the range of cast and count the points you earn. And to see how well you overclock help scale, which is filled with green during your run. Along with the characters of Lego, you will learn a lot of interesting. You have to:

  • to play sports,  
  • dancing,  
  • to come up with the music,
  • to fight the pirates.
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