Lego SpongeBob games online

Lego SpongeBob games online

The inhabitants of the underwater world, not only to the surface, but also settled in such a direction as a free online game Lego SpongeBob. Now you can play with them, plunging into a fascinating event, gathering heroes of the details of the designer, and then to take part in sports competitions in baseball, accepting a challenge pesky anchovies or arm themselves to the teeth and oppose enraged plankton. Testing different weapons and even a murderous glare, reduce the population of the enemy and type victory points.

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SpongeBob and his friends

Lego SpongeBob games online Lego SpongeBob games online Games LEGO SpongeBob opens for us the life of underwater creatures in a brand new way. Perky SpongeBob and his friends continue their adventures in the mysterious country Legoland and invited to join them in their adventures. Heroes prepared for you new tasks and puzzles that will take place neither exciting evening. This is a real challenge your observation, reaction and accuracy. With them, you play baseball – favorite American game in which the ball beat off the bat. Bob himself and his loyal comrades protein Sandy and Patrick the starfish protect competition in honor of the town of Bikini Bottom, and acts against them anchovies team. You can run the ball or choose a traditional cheese and cutlet, and still use a shovel instead of the usual bits, which usually turns Bob patties. By controlling the direction and force of the blow, you make your shot on an unexpected path to the opponent and it can win this competition.

And while playing Lego SpongeBob Protection Bubbles our hero was in the disadvantaged area of ​​the city. By walking about the streets of thugs and seems they are not afraid of police patrols. Bob does not have to rely on their help and have to flee because most. His ability to inflate bubbles is very useful and these balloons may well become a formidable weapon. Approaching a group of bandits, press the key « gap » and see how the sponge produces bubbles, and if they get rascals, with them it is easy to handle. Just go through them and they burst, throwing bonuses – useful items, you should choose to go to the next test. But do not come close to the criminals, or they can grab our hero.

The best options of the game Lego SpongeBob

Lego SpongeBob games online Next, we go to the game Lego SpongeBob the boxing ring and choose a hero who will manage. Uniforms them exotic, and choosing each body part separately, you can create a kind of monster, which is intended to win this fight. Bob in this view does not take part, as a fan, who watched from the front row. But you will be an active participant in the events, and managing the keyboard arrows and letters, apply the devastating blows to his opponent. Fans of horror stories and different monsters will not miss an offer to play with Sponge Bob on Halloween, when he turned into a monster of Dr. Frankenstein. I must say that at first it looks like it does not matter and reminds this zombie who with arms outstretched moving forward in search of a new victim. But in fact, he could easily become one, if not careful. On the way he wants to score points by catching jellyfish at different levels, look for weapons and finding secrets. Meeting with other beings in danger and must be destroyed, releasing the next round. But if you fall into the abyss, where waiting bloodthirsty plants and other monsters, death is imminent and have to start the game again. Bob gradually begins to take its natural appearance, but it will not happen soon, but for now Pick up useful items and do not forget to reflect enemy attacks.

In the game Lego SpongeBob's always fun to play, especially if a little hooliganism. Friends come up with various entertainment, and even the photoshoot can turn into an exciting fun, if boring shots when friends posing with a drink in hand, make a little chaos. Throw shells at the characters and see how funny it is resent. Well, what else you have prepared, Bob, you know, when you start to play our Lego games.

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