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Hugo games

Cute and naughty troll convenes all adventure lovers to play free online games Kuzma. He built the aircraft and test it in the rocks and on the footpaths of the tropics. His goal – get more magical precious crystals, but he was haunted by dangerous creatures and obstacles encountered. Running away from them, do not embed into the wall and time to displace cornering. You will be rewarded with adrenalin and untold wealth that will bring the troll. Volume graphics and bright colors give the flavor of the landscape, but do not stare so as not to fly off the track. Includes adventure, and Kuzma shows you the most picturesque places.

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Funny Kuzma

Hugo games Online games Kuzma and its protagonist invite you into funny adventures. Little cheerful troll is not like those evil creatures that appear to us in other products or clog tape correspondence blog. On the contrary, our Kuzma very cheerful, and always will be meddling ulybchiv. Wherever you met him, he'll be glad of your company, to entice for an unprecedented dalyam and let you feel the whole drive from the upcoming adventures.

Even staying in retirement, he will soon get bored of the monotony of life. Day lie on a tropical beach under the warm sun and plenty nakupavshis, he decided to diversify their leisure. Find tool was not difficult, but from wood that is always at hand on the island, he fashioned propeller and decided to test it in practice. Wearing a design on the back, he became like Carlson, but instead of hunting preserves, Kuzyu interested local treasures. Flying over the ancient trails of wild tribes, he maneuvers between obstacles and collect red and blue gems. Red brings him two hundred points, and the blue is only a hundred, but worth encounter ferocious wasps or descend on a log, he loses one life. Kuze helping in flight, try to direct its motion for safe path, deftly ducking or deviating from danger.

Embark on an adventure, playing games Kuzma

Hugo games However, it seems that the sense of adventure and treasure finally mastered our adventurer. He still can not sit still, and now he started his propeller, that type of natural stones in a cave. The way there is also dangerous, because they are constantly falling rocks and logs, fierce insects continue to meet even here, but if you apply the familiar tactics of maneuvering between obstacles, cost no casualties. Once someone Kuzma clearly crossed the road and now it sharpened tooth. So much so that cooked troll real trap, where our hero, being too curious, landed safely. He was in a confined space maze from which there are still out, but find it difficult. First you have to find the hidden lever that opens a secret door. But first go through a number intricate corridors, the walls of which are covered with something dangerous-toxic. Even if you are very curious, too, it is better to keep the natural impulse to explore the cover, otherwise you may well remain forever in this dark place.

Hugo games On another occasion, Kuzma perfected his aircraft, but probably overdone, making him very powerful. Manage this technique without habits clearly difficult, and he suddenly flew so high and fast that was on the roof of a skyscraper. Now he is in a hurry to the aid of his friend Robin super hero. He must undergo intricate corridors of buildings, to find all the keys and go through another door leading to the next level. The easiest way is to find the key, because it lies in a prominent place, but take it not always easy. If at first you can easily pass all the rooms, even marching on the ceiling and walls with the innate grace of Superman, then get ready for what will soon begin to appear real danger, for example, the force field in the pit floor.

All games are available for free Kuzma each player and it stirs interest in them. In Kuzi has defenders who will not leave him in the lurch. When he was captured robots to troll hurried to help Astroboy. Together with him you have to repel the attack of « cans » and release the other from prison. For online games to play for free Kuzma, enough of your desires and presence on our site. Open every turn and enjoy pleasant conversations.

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