Zombie Games: The Last Castle online

Zombie Games: The Last Castle online

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The worst possible scenario for the development of our planet has become a reality. The Third World War swept across the world and most of the land was covered with radioactive ash. However, the most terrible consequence was not the destruction, but the radiation. It led to a mutation and all living creatures that were in the affected area turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Everyone who managed to avoid exposure has gathered in a bunker and is trying to preserve the remnants of civilization. The main goal of these people is to survive until the time when the surface of the planet becomes safe again, but in the meantime the army is trying to hold back the onslaught of monsters and protect this stronghold, called the Last Castle.

The survival of this group of people is the subject of a series of games called Zombie Last Castle. Huge crowds of zombies will attack the base and only you will be able to repel these attacks. There is nowhere to expect real help, only from time to time food, medicine and ammunition will be lowered to you from the orbital station, but you will not be given the opportunity to evacuate. In the first episode, you can hold off the waves of the walking dead yourself or invite a friend as support. For kills you will receive bonuses that will increase your durability or strengthen your machine gun for a short time. You can manage all the improvements using a special panel; there will be icons on it and just click on them to activate them. Survive ten waves to wait for the replacement to arrive from the bunker, and you will have the opportunity to rest.

With each new episode of Zombie Last Castle, the monsters will become stronger. Although each individual does not have intelligence, they are controlled by a common mind, which helps them develop, look for new ways to attack fortifications, use ammunition and weapons. Forget about the time when one fighter could take on this horde. Each new stage will require more dedication from you, and for a successful defense you will have to increase your army. Managing the actions of three or four warriors is extremely difficult, but you can always ask for help from your real friends and then each of you will have your own task. Develop joint coordination, practice new combat tactics against an enemy many times larger than your squad, and continue to stand in defense of humanity.

Zombie Last Castle will require increased dedication, lightning-fast decision making and constant development from you. You will have limited resources behind you, and the whole world is available to them, so do not be surprised when you see among the attacking robots or modified monsters that can amaze with their size and strength. None of them are invincible, but each time you will have to earn the maximum number of points and improve your fighters.

Having survived all ten waves and defeating the boss, you will give the civilian population a chance to restore the planet to its former flourishing life. Do your best to achieve this.

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