Defense strategy games

Defense strategy games

Play free online games Defense Strategy is an interesting lesson for those who like to solve tactical problems and build military strategies. Eleven versions of the games have been released, one version with dual control for two and several bonus options. In some versions, players control a hero, or a squad of heroes fighting with patrols, in others they defend the approaches to the castle gates, quickly mining approaches, thirdly, they conduct merciless battles with neighboring kingdoms. In all parts of the game there is the opportunity to improve weapons, uniforms and use magic, and completely free of charge.
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Games Defense Strategy Expulsion of the aggressor

Defense strategy games Free games Protection Strategy will send users to a distant fictional world. There, in the neighborhood are two kingdoms, Duane and Dogfire. The king of File was ruled by a duel, his orders and laws were so wise that the kingdom flourished, the inhabitants were happy and rich. In Dogfire, the situation was completely different, the greedy and evil king led the city into decline, and in order to somehow justify his failures, he went to war against the neighbors.

Duane was captured, the city was burned down, the army was defeated, and the wise File escaped into the forests, alone, without retinue and security. It would seem that there is no way to win back their lands and the crown of File, but there is always hope. The king heard about the glorious hero, only he could cope with the conqueror. This hero will be the players, they will have to fight alone with entire enemy units, sometimes much better armed.

Games Defense Strategy will appeal to all fans of martial art. They have nowhere to rush, the main thing is to assess the strength of the enemy, to think through your own tactics well and to destroy enemies step by step. Invaders are cunning and merciless, so players will need to use not only intellectual resources - logic and ingenuity, but also natural ones, each landscape has a different landscape, there is always room to hide in case of need.

Defense strategy games The game Defense Strategy turned out to be excellent, it has a lot of fans. The developers continued the series of adventures of the King File and the valiant hero, releasing ten more versions, plus the option of playing for two. In all games, the Defense Strategy is free to have fun, and you can train your mind at any convenient time. In all parts there is a built-in store, in which the hero can purchase bonuses, strengthened weapons and magic items, but you can buy, only for game currency, you can not spend real money.

Features of the game Strategy Defense

In order to start playing online games, the Protection Strategy only requires an Internet connection. Having chosen the version, players can almost instantly begin the exciting process of calculating battle tactics.

In the first part of the game Defense Strategy, one hero fights with the troops of the invader king. Players must thus think over the moves and pick up weapons in the store in order to destroy the enemy alone. The second part, another story, there are already three heroes in them, they have united, becoming to protect their lands. Users who like to play characters will enjoy the first two releases.

Defense strategy games In the third part of the game, the Defense Strategy, as in subsequent characters is not one hero or unit, but an entire army. The nearest kingdoms can not reconcile with each other, only the complete destruction of the aggressive neighbor will bring peace. Players need:

  • Build defensive towers;
  • Train soldiers and send towards attacking troops;
  • Develop technologies from ordinary cavalry to armored vehicles;
  • To the ground, destroy the castle.

In the fourth and fifth parts, not two warring parties, but six. Three kingdoms united against three more. The player will become the leader, having concluded an alliance of three powers in the fight against greedy neighbors. The conflict cannot be resolved peacefully, the enemies should not have left stone unturned.

Sixth of a game for boys The defense strategy is unlike any of the entire series. It is necessary to defend the approaches to the castle gates, setting mines and traps on time. The first barbarians, slow and clumsy, but having repelled several attacks, the enemy becomes quick and agile, he learns to maneuver. His armor is strong, they are able to withstand weak explosions. The higher the level, the faster the player needs to navigate.

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