Moorhuhn games

Moorhuhn games

The glorious hunt you will, but it does play free online games Morkhukhn. Gather ammunition in large quantities, because in your village was attacked by hordes of inexperienced hens. They have learned to fly and fly from already impoverished places in the new, and so there empty fields with grain crops. They peck all the food, and you are threatened with starvation, if not shoot them even in flight. These are some rabid chickens, and he behaved inappropriately. But they can be podressirovat if they decide to become a coach in football. When he saw the foul, shoot winged football without thinking, was a lesson to others.

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The story of the game Morkhukhn

Moorhuhn games In 1999, a certain Scottish company producing whiskey, came up with as an advertisement of their product unusual move, releasing the game Moorhuhn Jagd. Anyone could download it for free, and a year later already 84% of Germans were aware of the toy. A high percentage of downloads said that the product is very much, but because the issues of the new series continued, including shooting and racing. The name itself: Moorhuhn, translates as « marsh hen ». Initially, the products were only designed for mobile phones, but today it is playing Morkhukhn available to us online. Open this section and examine its contents, you will be surprised by the abundance, which presents these gorgeous, provocative and dynamic toys. Even before that you do not recognize a hunter, it is faced with games Morkhukhn, will not forget the passion with which you are firing at greenhorn chickens firearms or slingshots.

Features of the plot

Moorhuhn games The more you to shoot birds, the sooner put a personal record for points. And you can shoot in any situation, whatever is currently not busy Morhuhnyata. Even if they are playing football, it does not guarantee their safety if near as innovative as you coach. Wet behind the ears are trained and fed the ball to score a goal, but they are always at gunpoint. It only takes one to break the sacred rule does not pick up the ball, both as a penalty point, he gets a bullet in the forehead! This method should discourage others to commit rash acts. We must act with lightning speed, because grief players rushing the field very quickly and chaotically, practicing their techniques. Has time to charge the gun and shoot accurately offender.

Moorhuhn games However, it seems to be in the bush sat down paparazzi. That will not do, we do not need an extra thank the press and disclosure practices of unlicensed practice. Take aim at the intruder and fire. If you suddenly carried away and shot down all the chickens in the field, but the left still have ammo, you can shoot at flying birds in the sky. What for? Just like that – pleasure. Well, everything is now all the chickens are able to play football, because of your radical measures. But this does not mean that they solved the problem of overpopulation. They multiply so fast that they are already hard to find their own food. Not being able to feed themselves in the swamp, Morkhukhn went to ravage the countryside. One of them is already under attack and need your shotgun to shoot the voracious birds. Aim the target on each, that would be within reach of the shot and shoot exact hit. But hurry, their number is increasing all! As a reward you will find glory and honor among the villagers, the perpetuation of the name in the chronicles of the village and pride of place on the game board the best shooters.

When behind a rich experience fighter, remain inactive simply inexcusable. Go to games Morkhukhn to the Caribbean, in order to fight with the pirates, Morkhukhn. They filled all around, and where you do not see these birds fly, run, swim and jump. It is urgent to restore order, killing a couple of tens of thousands of these rascals. Since you have limited time, catch the gems and coins that will prolong it and continue to allow hunting. Pirate flags will also be useful, it's not just a piece of cloth, and much more. Intrigued? We also can not wait to see your feat.

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