Barbell games

Barbell games

Do you think that lifting weights, it is not fun? Then start the free game Rod to play our online version, and you will see a lot of funny situations that can happen in the arena of athletes. Booms raised in the circus to entertain the audience and in the gym. But even a clown sometimes resorted to this projectile to amuse the audience with their inept alleged actions. Pitching raise it to build muscle, and a little old man, who decided to rejuvenate with this shell gradually increases the weight of the metal rod pancakes. Each time, it becomes thinner and more attractive.

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Barbell games online In each sport has its fans, even if it can not boast of special effects. Someone develops a speed, some power. There are dynamic and static sports, but any kind of brings satisfaction to the person who chose it.

Games Rod as a real sport, can not be called spectacular, but if you try and apply the fiction, and here you can find a way to entertain the audience. For example,

  • The heavyweights were in booths and circus ring holding on itself human pyramids and other weight lifted.  
  • Stray Chapiteau even offered to take part in the competition to spectators.  

The conditions were very tempting if the crowd of onlookers there athlete who can lift and hold the weight, though a few seconds, he will receive a cash prize. Hunters demonstrate prowess and earn always been a lot, but rarely come across true heroes who could jerk off the ground heavy dumbbell or barbell, and even more so, to keep it. One strength for such a feat few – but daily indulge in lengthy training, tempering muscles. But the hardest thing is to keep weight on weight in the same position, because the muscles very quickly start to feel tired, « burn » from overload and slack.

The ancient sport

Barbell games online to practice lifting cargo started by the ancient Greeks, who were famous for their victories at the Olympic Games. To develop the heroic power, they lifted the beam. Later they came up on the edges still attach additional lead sinkers. But it was uncomfortable, primitive projectiles that only slightly resembled modern rod. The first collapsible model projectile appeared in 1896, which weighed 165 kg and was applied at the Olympics. But she was far from perfect, as the central axis was fixed – I do not turn that made her very uncomfortable. For the first time in thirty years, in 1924, he was able to raise her only Frenchman Charles Rigoulot, which became an Olympic winner. A little later, Berg – German engineer, came up with a post stamp cranks and in 1929 it was used at the European Championship. After some time there rods with rubber wheels and replaced the previous model.

Barbell games online barbell constantly improve, improve and come up with different options. Today, they exist several varieties: standard bar, Olympic, for traction and powerlifting training, squat, and there is even a female bar. As differences may be mentioned and various vultures: EZ-vulture, vulture-Trap. T-neck – they all have different forms and its purpose. Discs that are attached to the neck, differ in weight and can be combined to achieve the necessary gravity rod for individual parameters. Gradually introducing additional drives, athlete gradually increases the weight on the bar and practicing with him, seeking new results and setting their own records. This sports equipment is particularly popular in sports clubs and is found in school gyms, entering students in the compulsory program. Wishes to pump up muscles, it is not required to become professional weightlifters – You can visit the club swinging for his pleasure, and along with more ingenious installations, the bar is very popular among bodybuilders. You can open the game bar and see how some of the characters are trying to raise the maximum weight to give your body an attractive relief. There are here and the older men, who are trying to keep up with the young people.

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