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Heroes games

They say the heroes waiting for respect and fame. You can become the hero of an hour, day, month, year. But gradually people have erased the memory of a particular act, being replaced by new idols. Only the super heroes manage to keep conquering the heights of heroic deeds. On them creates Heroes online, and we offer play them for free. You'll meet the legendary comic figures, and the equally famous Super Mario, Sonic. They are also heroes, albeit virtual. Anyone can be with them in a row, and if your account number and rescued princesses freed kingdoms of you will soon begin to compose legends.

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The history of the legendary games

Heroes games online Heroes games online Soaps in the games are not as rare. Warcraft, StarCraft, Mait End Magic – All these series are popular for a long time. Developers of modern games in general have a long history of fashion to share a few games – Assassin ’ with Creed, Mass Effect. But probably one of the favorite game series are the heroes of might and magic.

At the moment, there are five parts of this great game. A basic strategy of the game of this type is considered to be the good old King's Bounty, which is now trying to revive the format seen in an MMO. This game is a classic representative of the genre of turn-based strategy.

The first part of the characters did not have much success. Although the game was already performed in the classical style for the series, the real fame came only in the second part. History of the War for the brothers kingdom father just blew the game world. Although interest in the game is not the plot, but the gameplay, so many players do not know what it was about in the history of Erath.

The idea of ​​the game Heroes

The essence of the game is to move the alternate playable characters – Heroes – map. Each character has an army and the castle, in which he can replenish troops. The battle takes place in steps. On the battlefield, facing the army of heroes, he is the hero can only support their troops by improving the properties or witchcraft. The degree of improvement depends on the level of the hero and his chosen features. The fight takes place at the meeting of heroes on the global map, or at the siege of the castle.

Heroes games online Such a simple, at first glance, the idea, as they say, hit the jackpot. Players would sit for hours and days at the computer, trying to take the castle and defeat the monster. Another key to success is the ability to play the game with one computer up to 6 players in one batch.

  • Out of the third part was seen by many fans with hostility. After all has been greatly improved graphics component, also increased the maximum resolution. The game seemed to « fine », but over time it has become the main standard, and now for her championship.  
  • The fourth version was marked by an attempt to alter the genre framework developers. So, now the hero becomes a separate business unit, could not live without a lock. In addition, the scheme has been redesigned castle siege.  
  • In the fifth part was realized an attempt to return to the circuit-thirds of the game. Thus, to play five characters allowed in the new three-dimensional world, but the old rules. But this attempt failed – players perceived hostile use of full 3D. It is because of this third part is still the most popular.
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