Buttermilk Village games

Buttermilk Village games

The cottage is wonderful! On vacation is where to go on vacation. There is wonderful nature and sea adventures that have come up for you friends. You can play free online games Buttermilk with Matroskin Uncle Theodore, balls and sort things out with Pechkin – local postman. It's a pretty mischievous subject, even when it has a wheel, and without it he is greedy, sneak, and always wants to pass someone on the experiences in the clinic. Do you like to celebrate New Year in the countryside, where dressed tree fragrant pine needles. In the courtyard do not forget to clear the snow from the trails to the guests found their way into your home.

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Our Buttermilk

Buttermilk Village games How wonderful that the creators of computer fun decided to implement three of Buttermilk game based on the movie of the same name, based on the book by Eduard Uspensky. Virtual products are designed for children but for sure also adults like once again plunge into the adventures of a cat Matroskin, kind dog Sharik, and Uncle Theodore. After all, they were so happy watching the animated series, sincerely laughing remarkable replicas of heroes. From them we learned about:

  • the existence of the right sandwich,  
  • that the summer is best done in the village,  
  • on the sled professors,  
  • that the postman are harmful when they do not have a bike,  
  • when you have to sell something unnecessary, it is first necessary to buy unnecessary,  
  • about hunting with a camera gun.  

In each series played out a certain situation, and even though we already know the story by heart, but every time viewing pleasure. So why not open Buttermilk games for free, again to give yourself a good mood, but now it is becoming a direct participant in the stories. And they have got a whole bunch, and players can take quests, performing small tasks, and at the same time learning something new.

Features Buttermilk

Buttermilk Village games Since the characters kids can learn key concepts in English. In anticipation of a British guest, the characters are actively involved in the study program at the meeting to show him the area and talk about important things. In the form of a game the players will remember the name of the color palette, the details of nature, household items, call letters and numbers. Learning to work with a computer, too, will have to Matroskin, balls and Uncle Theodore, who will be a teacher. The main disciple will Pechkin – for the sake of a little boy he came to the village to help him to learn a brand new technique, which was brought to Buttermilk.

Buttermilk for the little ones

Buttermilk Village games Children from 3 to 5 years will be particularly successful course « young fighter », if they have free games Buttermilk. With the characters in the story to be different interpretations to study mathematics and writing. Adults have long known that children do not like to study, but to play on the computer just let them. If they inspire fun fun where you have to solve puzzles, they will gladly do it, seeing it as the most ordinary toy. Logical assignment develop their logic, observation, can help to focus on the little things in mind to build a chain of actions, remembering the previous steps and seen pictures, to then link them together. They go in search of treasure in one of the cartoon series. Only now, in order to get it you have to pass a lot of jobs, find objects and use them at some point.

In another series of Uncle Fedor received a parcel with a camera gun from his parents, but did not want her Pechkin pay because he had no passport. When you play games Buttermilk, you too will find the story with the premise, but now she was kidnapped by unknown thieves. Introduce yourself and find trackers parcel by examining the evidence. In a cartoon Uncle Fyodor came in Buttermilk mainly during the summer holidays, but one day he decided to celebrate the New Year there. One of the games is also invited to a virtual winter and take part in the festival. But first, you have a lot of work: to stick snowmen, snow forts, find Christmas decorations, to invite all residents to meet and welcome the holiday Grandpa Frost. Surely you remember that a ball Matroskin sometimes quarreled. And now they quarreled and you have to measure them. Best of all it comes at a joint cleaning, and therefore begin to clean up in the house, sweeping any debris.

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