Jackie Chan games

Jackie Chan games

Free online games Jackie Chan will allow you to play with the living legend of martial arts. This clever and always smiling fighter will certainly win, deftly coping even with a crowd of enemies. He has all the fall looks like it specially introduces enemy misleading, because with every position he skillfully discourages involved attack against him. Picking up at the fall of a certain subject, he made it into a formidable weapon. His stunts he performs and develops itself, which makes it a real Sensei. Accompanying the character in virtual adventures, use his famous kicks to win any trouble.

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Jackie Chan games Actor Jackie Chan can safely bear the title of king of kung fu. His tricks are not just doing it skillfully, and turns them into a show. It could be a great athlete, but he is much more interesting to invent new acrobatics with martial arts. It is not exactly call awkward – even drop his highly refined looks to the millimeter. The revolution in the air, on land and from any position it is able to dump the enemy, doing sweeps or awarding blow subject that he can grab. Of course, it is carefully studied and rehearsed, but it looks so natural that no one has to repeat his statement of Jackie. For similar skills are gradually over the years. Once he too was a boy, just beginning its emergence. And he had his first day in the classroom karate, familiarity with the basic concepts, principles and philosophy. Many of the children when he became an outstanding soldier who was proud of his teacher and parents.

The genius of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan – is the name by which we know the actor, singer, screenwriter, stuntman, producer and director, actor and producer of combat scenes with stunts. But throughout his life he repeatedly changed names, and my mother called him Pao Pao, meaning « cannonball ». This is the name of his mother picked up on the fact that he was born big boy – 5.5 kg, although it can not be said now is that initially it was genetically has the potential to become a giant.

Jackie Chan games In the opera school was called Yuen Lo, until 1976 was named Cheng Loong Yuen while his Australian friends have not altered it in his Jackie. Working on a construction site, he was accustomed to speak in the name of Little Jack. There are a number of names with whom he lived for a while:

  • Fang Shilong,
  • Xing Lun (little dragon),  
  • Lung Chen,  
  • Yuan Lung Chan,  
  • Wellson Chin,
  • Long Cheng,
  • Baseball Bat (baseball bat).

Jackie always performed all the stunts himself, no matter how dangerous they were, and often come up with their own. His motto: « no stand-ins, there is no fear, there is no equal to me too ». It was used as a slogan for the film « Rumble in the Bronx », but in a slightly modified form. Choosing roles chan acts on his own inviolable principle: to play only those heroes who have turned to those under the influence of a particular situation; the hero must save someone, protect – an old man, a baby, a girl; Jackie should be sure to himself, that is fine, funny and fidgety.

Jackie Chan games The actor was 60 years old (he was born in 1954), but still is an example for many young people. In his old age he was not in ruins, and all the same jumps, somersaults, flying and fighting, surprising skill, dexterity and joie de vivre. Jackie continues to spread a bright trace in the cinema, and we invite you to Jackie Chan to play the game. Let the computer products are not so much as art, but we are confident that this is a temporary phenomenon. Now players will be able to appreciate the skill of the legendary fighter, to go with him to fight against numerous enemies. Their number is appalling, but not Jackie. He was smiling and seemed playfully scattered enemies, even if they are piled on top of him the whole crowd simultaneously.

The fascinating story of the game Jackie Chan

All proposed Jackie Chan games are available for free to our regular visitors and unexpected guests. You will see a repetition of the story of the animated series Jackie Chan, you will find talismans and fight with all the enemies, using colorful kung fu stunts. Feel like a living legend, because such happiness falls far every generation.

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