Sofia the First games

Sofia the First games

Here is another story of the princess. It turns out that it can be, not just born of royal blood. Open free online game Sofia the First, and you can play in a variety of versions of the game with this charming girl. Tidy with her in the room and on the lawn to get around once again became clear. Practise logic in a fun-tac-toe and visit a music lesson, because the princess just have to sing well. Before score, visit a beautician to do make-up. And if suddenly a sore throat, it's time to treat glands and get rid of other infections in the court doctor.

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Sofia the First games Sofia the First games A brief excursion through the story

Walt Disney Studio in 2012, pleased with new computer feature film "Sofia the First: The Story of a princess." This is the story of how a simple girl Sofia suddenly enters the royal palace, and suddenly Miranda – Mom girl, fall in love with the King of Roland. He marries her, but other family members are not as excited about the new faces at the court. Sofia never lived on etiquette, and therefore does not know how to behave. Instead, to help and teach her stepsister and brother – the children of the king, con Sofia to make it look ridiculous.
There are at the kingdom, and the sorcerer, who once giving the girl instead of dancing spell, lull in order to take possession of her magical medallion – gift to the king. But forgets to put the defense and also to sleep. Tossed tear on the medallion is the Cinderella of Sofia, which helps to measure with a half sister Princess – Amber. Then together they find the right spell in the room sorcerer, Sofia is dancing at the ball and all the charms, and then all become united family and live happily ever after.

The royal family in full

  • King Roland II – Sofia became a stepfather after his marriage to her mother.
  • Queen Miranda – Sofia Mother and wife of King Roland.
  • Princess Amber – for the half-sister Sophia.
  • James Prince – Now is also a half-brother.
  • Aunt – Countess Matilda.  

Sofia the First games

Sofia the First games

Game Sofia the First is as sweet as a cinematic product. Lovely girl is not afraid of work, but also to the outfits have a genuine interest.

  Our games Sofia the First

  • Image Search.

This game is designed as a game for girls Sofia the First, which is easy to play on their own. Each card has a picture, but it is not visible, because they are reversed. Just by clicking on each, you can turn it on time to themselves to remember the image. We have to find pairs of pictures to clear the playing area. • Grounds maintenance.
Though Sofia became a princess, but is not afraid to daily work. She took a broom and she decided to clean the room and in the garden. Sort the items that will see around: send in the trash basket, toy box, pencils in a cup. Correct curtains, pictures and mirrors, made the bed. When the move to a new site, repeat the game Princess Sofia the First and here.

  • A visit to the dentist.

Free Games Sofiyaprekrasnaya show what can happen if you do not take care of the mouth and ignore the rules of hygiene. In Sofia there were many problems, and now an experienced doctor must spare her wounds, treat glands, get rid of other infections.

  • Sofia the First games Learning vocal.

Every princess needs to be able to sing, draw and dance. Now Sofia music lesson. She listens to sounds and should take note of the correct – repeat heard.

  • Game Sofia the First Action offer go all the way with the princess and collect the necessary items.  
  • Three in a row.

Here you have to hunt for colored bubbles. At the top of the site are mixed colored balls, and with the help of arrows you send to them each new upward. To the group disappeared, there must be at least three identical objects, and therefore aim for where there are already two or more same-colored balls.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe.

This is a beautiful story of the game Princess Sofia on logic. Spend a few rounds and become the winner of the popular clique.

  • apply makeup.

The Sofia still so young, that often appear on the skin of pimples. But before you have to score to make it a real beauty. To treat a skin of Sofia and apply light make-up.

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