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Open free online game Fairy Tail, to play on the famous manga Fairy Tail to the most popular toys. Join the ranks of the guild and become a bright killer demons or dragons, fighting with the dark guilds on behalf of Lucy, Natsu, Elsa, Wendy, and other heroes. You will be able to become a fighter who own methods of martial arts. But the magic here is used continuously, becoming the profession and increasing the chances of winning. Train talent heroes serving in the ring against the most powerful enemies, fought their incredible tricks, stunning magic.
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Fairy Tail Guild - a world of magic and sorcery Fairy Tail popular Japanese manga, comics, action which takes place in a magical land Fiore differs from many of these comics that the protagonist is not one but a whole company of five people, and instead of super powers or forces are ruled by magic, sorcery and witchcraft. Comics have been filmed in the animated series, and later saw the release, after the release of all television and film products Fairy Tail gained popularity among Western audiences. Fairy Tail can be attributed to the genre of fantastic adventures in the comedy vein. The plot develops in a magical world where magic is everywhere, it is sold with food in the store. A huge number of magic has forced the country's population of 17 million to create a large number of guild of wizards, where magicians are divided according to their abilities, and each community belongs to a particular city. The main heroine of Lucy really would like to get into a guild called "The tail of the fairies", it is one of the most powerful and famous guilds throughout Fiore, but get a membership is not so easy, it is necessary that someone had already taken place in the community personally invited Lucy I gave recommendations. So Lucy and met his future friends Natsu, his friend cat Happy, and after they are joined by Gray and Elsa. Friends get into an incredible adventure and go still fighting with the enemies. Characters in the comics and anime are very bright: • Lucy Heartfilia - sweet and intelligent girl who has magic Enchantress stellar spirits. She is kind and well-read, not like battles, but if you have to, then it does not take courage. • Dragnev Natsu, Salamander magical name, his Dragon Slayer magic, choleric by nature, but this does not prevent it from maintaining not bad relations with friends and guild members. He has a friend, a flying blue cat. • Happy - a full member of the guild Fairy Tail, though looks like a blue cat with the ability to fly. The most comical and lighthearted anime character. • Gray Fullbaster - the ice mage, ice can create anything. Hardy, not everyone trusts, loves solitude. • Elsa Scarlet magical name of Titania, its magic is a call magic swords and armor. One of the most powerful witches of girls in the guild. Here is a magical team and loved by readers and viewers of different generations, her motives also released products such as game consoles and the game Fairy Tail for personal computers. Game Fairy Tail for computer players The plot of comics and animated series created excellent soil for the imagination of developers online flash games. Stunning five friends continue their adventures on the computer monitors and players will fight in the ranks of the guild with all sorts of enemies by playing games fairy tail. Game Fairy Tail colorful and entertaining, the authors retained the magical talents of each of the friends, so players will be able to summon magic swords to fight with the enemy, or to create a huge wall of ice in case of the need for protection against evil. Game Fairy Tail fought, can be found as a fighter fights against one soldier and good team against a team of evil. With the five friends can come to grips with the enemy, but you can become a stylist and prepare for the significant event cartoon characters. Game Fairy Tail comic style will help girls to become a dressmaker and prepare the female part of the magic team for a fashion show. Game Fairy Tail will appeal to boys and girls, children and adults, all interesting to spend free time, plunged into the fabulous world of magic, magic and adventure.

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