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Dragon Ball Z games

Dragon Ball Z history is tied to the life of an ordinary young man who lives with his grandfather in a normal village. But in the hands of a teenager gets a magic ball that can fulfill dreams and starts a new page boy's life, full of adventure. You will be free to play online game Dragon pearls, accompanying Son Goku in an incredible story, full of dangers and enemies, but friends also march together. He is a true martial arts master, a great racer, athlete. Yet he likes to dress nicely and spread card game. He will be glad of your company, so join us!
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Games Dragon Ball Z for the whole family

Dragon Ball Z games Dragon Ball Z games Dragon Ball Z - Japanese popular manga, that is, comics in the unique Japanese style. The series was published at the end of the 20th century, but has not lost its popularity to this day. Based on the favorite comics, an anime series was filmed, the production of the series of which does not stop today. But comics and TV series, this is not the whole film version of the Dragon Pearl series, 15 full-length films came out based on the story, the last one was held this year.
The Dragon Pearl genre can be considered science fiction with much of the martial arts, filled with good humor. The plot tells about the events in which the heroes of Goku and Chi-Chi marry. Their family grows larger with the birth of their son Gohan. But here, on the planet Earth, an alien arrives, his name is Raditz. He is one of the four remaining valiant warriors of the cosmos who protect good. Raditz confesses Goku that he is a brother and Goku is also a stranger from another world, his fate is to become a space warrior.
According to the legend, dragon pearls are seven items endowed with magical power, and whoever brings them together will be entitled to one wish, which they will fulfill.
Of course, such a fantastic plot awakened the fantasies of not only many boys, but also adults. The developers of online flash games set to work and released a lot of interesting computer games that can be played for free.
Dragon Pearl Games will be enjoyed by males, although the female half will find many suitable and interesting versions for themselves.

Genres and Plots of Dragon Pearls

Dragon Ball Z games Games Dragon Ball Z for the most part is not very different from the plot of the anime series or filmed movies. In most of them, the main character is Goku and Raditz, although you can also meet an already matured son, Gohan. Since the plot of the series, besides fiction, is saturated with martial arts, then you can find a lot of games in which you have to fight, fight and participate in battles. Fans of martial arts will have fun, meeting one-on-one with the enemy or fighting in pair games for the same team with a friend or against him.
You can fight in flash games not only with human-like characters, but also with unprecedented space monsters, various dragons and other creatures.
In addition to all sorts of fights and battles, you can have a good time playing a hockey simulator, especially since hockey is not a game for wimps and figuring out the relationships between players in it is exactly enough. Of course, the game of ping-pong with the main characters of the popular anime will help players to relax.
Will delight lovers to wander in search of treasure a series of games in which, moving then through the jungle, then through the open area you need to defeat the monsters, find the caches and collect coins and health. As it should be, in such a game genre, the higher the level of the game, the more agility you will need to jump over the enemy and strike from behind.
Players will even be able to fly on spaceships along with the characters of the Dragon Pearl game. Women and children will love:

  • Mahjong type puzzles;
  • Logic games balls, card solitaires and much more;
  • Dressions are a great series of games for girls, in which you need to dress up Goku in space dresses, instead of the annoying and banal princesses;
  • Quizzes help you remember school subjects for both children and adults;
  • Puzzles and coloring books are perfect for developing spatial thinking and aesthetics of the smallest players.

V games of the Dragon Pearl series will be enjoyed by both adults and children, especially since they can play some of them together, having a great time with their family.

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