Street Fighter games

Street Fighter games

Dynamic online game in the genre of street fights fighting game fans have long been known. Famous Ryu karate had to visit different countries to win many competitions, and now offers free to play the game Street Fighter, to multiply the number of wins. His punches with time acquired precision, unique techniques become more diverse. Near and other athletes capable of surprise. Each fighter is ready for sparring, and each left a couple of interesting talents. Control keys on the keyboard, after analyzing the combination of specific techniques of each participant.
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Street Fighter by Category:

Street fights - winning crime in the street Street fights, the whole direction in the world of cinema, animation, anime and games. Perhaps for some it is a life or part of the past, and someone just looking movie with a trained fighter in the lead role, who avenges the innocent victim of a relative or friend at the hands of bullies carousing. The hero is always fighting for a safe and quiet life of its citizens to the street and around the city free of gangs, drug addicts and criminals. Men and boys like to imagine themselves in the image of a tough guy, with the ability to accurately enter the opponent's attacks, arguing that the force is always there even greater force. A fighter opposed to a bunch of enemies and fight for justice. Women as half of humanity in these characters immediately falls in love and gives his heart into the hands of the defense. Street Fighter as part of the leisure In the world of personal computers Street Fighter games occupy a special niche entertainment. Millions of players who spend their leisure time, training a character from the game, and entered into an unequal battle with the whole criminal gangs, protecting ordinary people from intruders. Characters and stories in this genre is very much a fighter, you can choose from popular movie personalities, find a well-trained a girl who is in the skill and ability will not yield a strong half of humanity, or to find a character from anime or cartoon. Games street fights are not only different main characters, where players have to fight, but also martial arts styles: • Dogfight - the representatives of this kind of a fight in a short time trying to destroy or immobilize the enemy as bare hands and using all sorts of items at your fingertips including edged weapons; • Kickboxing - a fight with their fists with the right to strike their feet; • Martial arts - that a lot of martial arts, they include and kong-fu, ninja, karate and wushu. Street fights for every taste. • Sumo - players have the ability to manage a sumo wrestler, who according to the laws of the genre, too, is not averse to deal with gangs on the streets. Playing in the street fighter games you can find out what it means to fight on the side of good, defending the honor, law and order. Online flash Street Fighter games designed for different age groups. There is a simple story, without complex management and weak opponent for inexperienced players and a strong opponent, running with many options and a lot of living indices for sophisticated fight fans on the street. Players will be able to find a multi-level versions of the games, with the ability to improve your character as he gains experience, or a team of heroes, of whom have to choose based on the situation. Games street fight there with battles one on one, or a fighter opposed to the whole company of criminals. You can play with a computer bot, online players who are currently in the network or in doubles with a true friend, who looked away in an hour. Play on the side of justice, always a pleasure, and the game Street fighters talk about the good guys. If the first player can not defeat an opponent, he, as predicted by the law of the genre is to train and train again until he can not rightly be a winner in a fight in the street, for peace and order in the city. In most of flash games there are league tables, so a simple game for fun can turn into a competitive process in which you can fight for the right to be the best with their friends and acquaintances, and you can become a champion among all players in the world, and this is the top skill.

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