Klondike Solitaire Games

Klondike Solitaire Games

Klondike Solitaire online games invite card lovers to play for free. Seven piles with an open bottom card are waiting for your action. Be a strategist when thinking about moves because the apparent simplicity of the gameplay is deceptive. Send cards to the four empty foundations in the upper field, starting with an Ace, then a deuce, and a triple, up to the King, completing the collection of each of the four suits. Flip through the stockpile, and you'll have access to the lacking cards, but don't be afraid to undo your last move if you think it's a wrong move. It will increase the chance of winning and help set a record for victories achieved.

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Klondike Solitaire - entertainment for everyday

Everyone knows the Klondike - this is a legendary solitaire game. It belongs to logical card games, and it has quite a lot of fans: the rules are easy, but the process is unusually addictive. On our flash game Game Game site, you can play Klondike Solitaire for free, online, without registration, and in full-screen mode in good quality, including in Russian. You can also play other well-known card games - Fool, Spider, Rug, Solitaire, and others. You can play solitaire right now, you don't need to download anything for this.

Types and rules of  Klondike Solitaire

First, let's talk about the arrangement of cards. Klondike can look like anything - for kids and adults, it differs mainly in the backs of the cards. Little players are more interested in fairy-tale motifs, in which there are fairies, cartoon characters, and pets. The older generation prefers classics or neutral, relaxed landscapes. In general, the game offers to choose the card back color to create a pleasant and victorious atmosphere.

How else can you diversify the process? For example, you can choose the number of cards that will be opened - 1 or 3 each. Where there are three, it's easier to play - more overview for planning the next actions. How cards are placed on the virtual table (on the screen or monitor):

  • Klondike Solitaire is played with a standard 52-card deck;
  • 28 cards are placed in 7 piles, increasing the number of cards in each subsequent one by one. That is, if there is one card in the first, there are already two in the 2nd, three in the third, etc.;
  • The cards are turned over - closed, and what's inside is not visible. Only the last card in each pile is open and available for action;
  • There are 4 empty foundations at the top of the screen - one for each suit. Here you need to add cards in ascending order, starting with an Ace, then a deuce placed on it, then a three, and when you reach the King, this suit will be fully collected. The task is to build up all four foundations;
  • On the left, the remaining cards are stacked, and by clicking the mouse you open one or three cards (this is indicated in advance in the settings).

Klondike Solitaire Gameplay

The cards in Klondike Solitaire are moved by the player, stacked in descending order: the King, the Queen, the Jack up to the deuce. But for the move to be possible, the suits in black and red must alternate - if, for example, the King is black (spades or clubs), then the Queen must certainly be red (diamonds or hearts). When one of the cells becomes empty, the King can be transferred there alone or together with the collected column. Klondike Solitaire rules allow you to undo your last move if you don't like the open card and want to do something different.

When there are no more options to manipulate the cards in the columns, turn over the cards in the stockpile at the top of the screen. From it, you can take the top card that opens, move it to the foundations, or distribute it among the columns. After flipping through the stockpile to the end, the next time you click it, it will return to its original position. The more cards you take out of it, the better it will shuffle next time. On simple levels, this pile can be used endlessly. In more difficult versions, this feature is limited, so try to keep a close eye on the available moves, using every chance for action.

On our site, we have classic Klondike Solitaire (double, triple, etc.) and more modern (Klondike, Pyramid, Scorpio, Mahjong, Royal Klondike, etc.), easy and hard ones, for playing alone - as a guest - and with friends.

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