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Patience Games Online

Computer owners are used to play Patience games online for free. In addition to being built into Windows, other variations of them are hosted on gaming sites. There are 52 cards in a standard deck of cards, which is a familiar classic, but 36 cards are also used, placing 8, 7, or 6 piles, collecting them in ascending or outgoing order. Also, cards are stacked with alternating red/black or, respectively, suits. This solitaire is varied and not at all simple, although it should not be attributed to complex layouts either. A little practice and you will increase the percentage of success at times.

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Patience card games for a pleasant evening

Patience Games Online Free

What could be more wonderful than the time spent on the pleasant process of card patience? Turn on relaxing music, dim the lights, and open Solitaire for free. Unlike the Klondike, here you need to carefully consider each step, even if all the cards are open. Of course, there are more complex patience games that can be played for several hours, but without experience, Solitaire may not seem like the easiest game.

And yet, for many people playing Solitaire for free seems like an attractive idea, and the icon with it is placed on the table of a tablet, smartphone and PC for quickly accessible when they want to lay out the cards. This is a game for independent entertainment, and belongs to the logical games with a touch of gambling. It is sometimes referred to as a "free cell" and although there are some minor differences, they can be attributed more to different versions of the gameplay.

How the cards fall

To play Patience online, a deck of 52 cards is used, and they are placed on the table in a certain order.

  • Center of the table. The whole deck is laid out here in 8 columns. The first four have 7 cards each, and the next four have 6 cards. All cards are face up.
  • The 4 right empty cells at the top serve as a house. Here you have to collect piles from ace to king, and there is a separate suit in each cell.
  • The 4 left empty cells on top are auxiliary. Here you can send a card that prevents you from making a move - it blocks the desired card on the field.

There are no more features in the arrangement of cards, and you can start playing Patience online.

Stacking Patience game

Patience Games Online Free Patience Games Online Free

When distributing cards into columns, the deck is carefully shuffled by the system, and therefore you have a real vinaigrette in front of you. Cards can only be stacked on top of each other in descending order: king-queen-jack, and down to twos. Moreover, the suit should be different - red to black and vice versa. They can be moved one at a time or stacked in descending order. To start collecting suits in the cells of the house, you first need to send an ace to them. We put deuces on them, then in ascending order: three-four-five, and so on until the king.

Empty cells on the left can accept only one card, but any. Sometimes the situation develops that it is necessary to free the overlapped card, in this case, the auxiliary simple space will come in handy for you. Then you can remove cards from there by placing them in one of the piles. The same purpose will be served by the voids formed in the place of the piles if you have taken all the cards from them. But there is an important point - the more cells are occupied, the fewer cards you can drag into another deck.

Among the versions of Patience card games online, other options are presented for free. For example, Marseille is distinguished by the alignment in the center of the field. Here the cards are distributed in seven columns of seven cards, and the remaining three are placed in any other three. The next difference is that instead of four auxiliary cells, three are available. The rest of the game is similar to the classic solitaire. There are games in which cards are laid out not in the order of black and red suits, but in accordance with them: hearts king/hearts queen/hearts jack, etc. Another option is when not 52 cards are played, but 36. Here in each of the 6 columns, there are 6 cards, and three auxiliary empty cells. You will also like the version with one or two suits.


All presented Patience games online have their own zest, and to understand which one you like especially, you just need to play, enjoying calm, thoughtful gameplay and pleasant solitude.

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