Descendants games

Descendants games

Na island Aradon live Mel, Ivy, Jay, Carlos and other kids villains. They are enrolled in the Royal Academy, and they are having fun, you can find out by starting to play free online games Heirs. This quartet was up to something, and is preparing to run. This is a dangerous enterprise and, of course, will be obstacles. Still you have to search for items and dress up the characters of the game Heirs, look for hidden cards and treat them. Try the puzzle or enjoy coloring. Sometimes they are naughty, throwing candy, and sometimes come up for you puzzle. The stories are many, all extremely interesting.

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Fabulous Games Heirs of Disney

Descendants games Descendants games

Disney's fairytales have a magical effect, even adults love them, and they gather around the screens to watch the next creation by their families. There is always magic in them, and good, when faced with evil, will certainly win. The plots themselves resemble a winding road, along which it is exciting to travel with the characters, accompanying them in their joys and troubles, bursting into laughter from a successful joke and sadness in tragic moments. Games Disney's heirs were created according to the idea of ​​one of such stories, in which familiar characters gathered together with their children.
You will meet good characters and villains with whom the struggle continues, although not so bitter anymore. While on the island of Aradon, ruled by Belle and the Beast, descendants of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and other famous princesses live, on the neighboring island Lost behind the barrier live dark sorcerers, witches and other fairytale enemies.

After 20 cloudless years of the reign Belle and her spouse, their son Ben grew up, and it was time he ascended the throne. Unlike parents, he does not know how it is, to constantly defend his right to happiness, and decides to unite the youth of both islands under the roof of a magic academy on Aradon. Having overcome the resistance of the parents, he invites the four teenagers to the high school, but having learned about it, the evil fairy Maleficent instructs them to steal the fairy godmother's Wand to control the magic of dark and light forces.

Leading characters of the game Disney's Heirs

Descendants games

Disneevsky musical series was released this summer, and the heirs of the 2015 game, which appeared after him, speak about its popularity. Surely there is no need to introduce you to the main instigators of all the adventures that began from the beginning of their entry into the elite magic school, but by tradition we will pay them attention.

  • Ivi pretty daughter of the Evil Queen, who loves beautiful clothes and fun.
  • Mel team leader, with a sharp mind and integrity, inherited from the mother Maleficenty.
  • Carlos runs in panic from the dogs, unlike his mother, the famous Kruella De Ville, who dreamed of sewing a Dalmatian fur coat.
  • J is a real handsome, cat-like clever and cunning, like his father Jafar. Here with these charismatic personalities you have to start an adventure, playing the games of the Heirs for free.

Trops of game plots

  • Hospital
  • Moda
  • Memory Cards
  • Colorings
  • Puzzles
  • Adventure

These games The heirs are waiting for their players, ready for exciting tasks. Traps and dangers during the escape from the island of the Lost will be a real test for the heroes. They act alternately, using their talents of runners and dodgers, to get out of imprisonment. Like a real leader, Mel will be the first to start the baton, which he will pass on to Jay, who will give it to Ivy, and already she will be Carlos. They will come in handy with the help of an experienced player, and with you their idea will succeed.

To easily memorize spells, you need an excellent memory, and the cards will help strengthen it. Remember their placement, and look for the same, turning to face them. Games for girls The heirs have prepared assignments for the treatment of heroines from wounds on the feet and face, and when the cuts will heal, you can organize a party. Start by choosing outfits, then each character has their own task, which must be completed so that the party will be remembered for a long time.

In the pictures, find the hidden objects, and since the frame from the film is already filled with details, you need to show a talent for observation in this work. There were no puzzles and colorings in the rubric, and shooting candies will allow you to fool around and relax.

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