Rise of the Guardians games

Rise of the Guardians games

Sandman, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are invited to play free online games Guardians of dreams. Do not be afraid of evil Kromeshnika who wants to steal the dreams of kids, because a number of thoughtful and kind fairy-tale characters. While they protect you, you help them to overcome obstacles and difficulties, if any. At the team presentation will look for stars, alphabet and objects in the world to collect puzzles, repeated the little elves tunes to collect Easter eggs. Wonderful adventures are waiting for visionaries who continue to believe in magic.
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Rise of the Guardians Games with fabulous characters

Rise of the Guardians games Rise of the Guardians games For a child it is important to believe in miracles, and if deprived of his tales, it becomes a little old man, who can not be pleased to see colorful dreams, dream and dream.

protects the magic of good wizards – Keepers, and it is a difficult job, because there is always wandering demon who wants to deprive the kids of all lights, replacing it with nightmares, terrifying visions. Game Keepers of dreams made ​​possible thanks to books by William Joyce, which in 2012 took off for family viewing animated feature"Rise of the Guardians".

acquainted with the Guardians, you are bound to encounter the worst enemy is not only them, but all children – Kromeshnika. He enjoys when a child gets up during the night, awakened by a nightmare, and the day the demon brings different fears and phobias. His efforts, many children have stopped believing in the Guardians, but all is not lost, and their faith can be restored.

Action Game Keepers of dreams and give you a chance to become one of the heroes of the team, to punish Kromeshnika for his acts, and to bring back dreams, aspirations, revive the imagination.

Leading characters of the game Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians games

To learn more about the Keepers, get acquainted with each:

  • Ledyanoy Jack became the spirit of winter, when rescued from the freezing of the river 's sister, but he drowned. As a spirit, he was a real tomboy, who entertained with a magic stick, but then he called moon-faced as the Guardian of Fun.
  • Easter bunny come from Australia is the Guardian of Hope.
  • Sandman Sandman or – Keeper of Dreams. Saying he can not, but in the quiet rustling of sand creates imagery to express his thought. With golden sand brings children the most vivid dreams.
  • Tooth fairy in the form of half- man and half- hummingbird was the custodian of Remembrance. In his palace she gathered a collection of children's teeth dropped out, and in which are contained the most pleasant memories. When necessary, it returns the memorable moments of their owners.
  • Santa and Nick Northerner not only Keeper Wonderland, but also the leader of the team. His castle is Ice at the North Pole, and built it Bigfoot. He looks eccentric – with pumped muscles in the Russian coat and Cossack hat.
  • sign Kromeshnik also under the name The Boogeyman and he's the villain that spoils the lives of children and the Guardians. Once his power was great, but with the advent of the history of the characters has decreased significantly. Dreaming regain its status as the chief demon, he is golden sand sandbox makes black, and from it creates an army of nightmares.
  • – Jamie latter believes in fairy tales and the Guardians child.

Deal with Kromeshnikom playing the game Rise of the Guardians

Igry Rise of the Guardians for free are invited to the team's ranks, so you can help the heroes to fulfill their mission. They gathered for a decisive battle, and we must manage each in turn, to apply Keepers inherent talents in the attack. Working quickly, you will be able to deprive his demon forces and completely destroyed.

Open the game Keepers of dreams for girls and, armed with musical notation, play along with gnomes Christmas tunes, and then take a magnifying glass and get the easter bunny eggs. Do not miss a single, or victory in sight.

Search for stars, alphabet and other items is also fun, if it's possible to play the game Rise of the Guardians. Also, add some colorful puzzles and paint pictures with the characters, and then head to the characters in the pinball, so that they can compete, who will hold the ball longer in motion, not allowing him to slip down. This is a legendary game, and you will become an active participant.

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