Keeper of the Grove games

Keeper of the Grove games

Fans play for free in the toys of the fantasy genre, like online game Keeper of the Grove. The inhabitants of a magical grove guarded by magic crystals from the enemy, holding the point of defense, and hitting the enemy with magic. Initially serving only three characters with different skills, but then you will see the completion of the army of wizards. This is a forced measure, because the enemy has become more dangerous and annoying angrier. Did you have to increase defense, protecting the precious gems that are responsible for the welfare of the inhabitants of the grove. Increase the characteristics of warriors, that they dealt with any enemy.
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Keeper of the Grove game looking for brave warriors

Keeper of the Grove games Keeper of the Grove games Here is a colorful, bright, fantasy games Keeper of the grove in the genre of strategy on the protection of the tower. You find yourself in a fantastic world where people obey the magic used to control the elements. Each specialized in their craft, hone skills in magic academy. Many have made significant progress, and created a lot of wonderful things, vested with supernatural powers. For his creations wizards use liquid crystals, without which all efforts would be in vain.
Crystals have always been in this sacred land, but only experienced magicians can resort to their power. If you inadvertently release more energy than you need, a catastrophe that will destroy all life around.
Force energy in these crystals is inexhaustible. It serves people for millions of years, and will last even longer if properly use this gift. This treasure is protected with the utmost care, and outsiders are not allowed in the sacred vault.
Where there is good strength, certainly there is evil. Not spared the dark side and the game Defender groves – enemies of humanity has long dreamed to get a source of limitless energy, to establish authority over the world. They have developed a cunning plan, summoned from all over the otherworldly kingdom army of ruthless warriors, and sent them to the sacred cave where the magic crystals are stored.

Strengthen the approaches to the towers

Keeper of the Grove games Let the enemy thinks about himself anything, so be sure of an easy victory, but forewarned is forearmed perfectly. Series Game Keeper of the grove built on the principle of protection of your territory from the aggressor.

  • For each item, select one of the available warriors
  • Periodicheski raise their uroven
  • Dopolnyayte his army with new soldiers at neobhodimosti
  • Ne miss an enemy to the sacred relikvii

V first game Defender groves choice soldiers are not impressive, but even with a limited number of soldiers can be turned into a fortress in the safe shelter. At all levels there is a change of locations, and each looks very colorful and picturesque. At a certain point located"nest"with crystals that you need to protect. Before you place the warriors, consider the ability of each to effectively resist the enemies.
The enemy is moving along the path, leaving his hiding place, and moving in the exact direction of your relics. Approaching the soldiers, they attack them at the same time were rebuffed by you. If the first encounters the enemy forces soldier with a high destructive power, it significantly reduces their standard of living, and the rest remains to finish survivors. A couple of strong guys can deal with a large detachment, and you will save on hiring a large army.

We continue to evolve

After each round of the game Keeper of the Grove have new items appear in a special shop. Earn some money to buy some really powerful ability to control fire, water, or air stones.
Now try to correctly arrange the troops, guided planned tactics. If you got an error, and in practice it was not as smoothly as intended, unnecessary soldiers can be sold, and in their place to buy others.
The set of the game Defender groves is constantly updating the composition of the military. If you are satisfied with the beginning mage fire mage and ice magically stump, further acquainted with new faces. Each game series a set of participants, and you meet a brown and polar bears, ghosts, monsters, sea urchins and others. Use their talents, protecting the magic rose.

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