Sushi cat games

Sushi cat games

There once was a cat who loves Japanese cuisine, but especially he liked sushi. Belly their huge portions, he received a lot of calories, and quickly tolstel until solid does not become a cat. Help him to achieve even greater dimensions, start playing free online game Sushi Cat. Hero decided to get better, to meet with his beloved. With such an important goal, he hunts for rolls, passing levels and solving puzzles. The main thing - to fill the stomach of the cat rolls rice and seafood to failure. Only by becoming a big cat, a hero to solve the problem, according to which at the beginning of each scene.
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Sushi Cat

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Sushi cat games Sushi cat games Open the game Sushi Cat for free, and go through all the series next to the hero who loves Japanese food. Our sushi fur seals would have relished, because they have a lot of seafood, and the most delicious, this small fish, squid, shrimp and caviar. But there will be no distractions, and let's see who is this amazing cat, who became the hero of so many video game franchises.
First you have to mention that in front of you logic toys, and the accompanying seal in his adventures, his head will work, solving tasks, which will gradually become more complex. But we are sure that you are accustomed to such riddles can solve everything. Doing this will be interesting, because you have a surprisingly clever and fluffy company.

Dlinnaya history of the game Sushi Cat kot

Nachalos all with the fact that the cat was walking, enjoying the spring warmth, and saw the beautiful cat in the shop window. Hero was instantly captivated by her beauty, and was about to pay his respects in person, but automatic door did not want to open before him, but missed inside the well-fed people.
Cat realized that the only way to get better, and for this we need to lean on delicious sushi. As he carefully tolstel, kitty left on the bus. In the pockets of the hero is empty, and he could not follow the favorite, but the cat was not taken aback, and decided to become a sumo wrestler in the ring to win, earn money, and to find beauty.
Now, whatever the problem is not there in front of a cat, he will find a solution to it through the eating of ears. And the more it absorbs more, the moving closer to the goal. On the side you will see the cat's stomach is distended (and they say that in cats it is the size of a thimble), which need to throw at least 30 and rolls and other types of land. Some of them get points multiplied several times. To optimize for themselves gameplay, settings can be adjusted:

  • Sushi cat games Kachestvo grafiki
  • Uroven can restart zanovo
  • Zvuk. There is a possibility it otklyuchat
  • Poseschenie cards all game urovney
  • Prokrutka karty
  • Koshachya odezhda

Game Sushi Cat 2 continues the story of an interesting character. In this part he came for groceries in the mall, taking his favorite toy. So far, who has studied the labels of products, dog stole the fun and before the cat caught himself, disappeared into the elevator.
Kitten can not reach the call button, but knows that it will help to grow the land. When he reached the desired size, and reached for the buttons, dog already ran into the theater, and the cashier will not let our hero because of his small stature. And it must be hard to eat again, to catch the dog and take away his favorite toy.
Next story unfolds game Sushi Cat 3, in which the events take place in the parade. Hero went on holiday with my girlfriend, but managed to lose her in the crowd. He once again to absorb the land in incredible quantities, in order to rise above all and to find a girlfriend, until she finally lost.

Sushi not much byvaet

Igra Sushi Cat 1 begins the adventures of the blue cat, but gradually appear to continue, and in each new story. In the fourth part of the hero eats a special variety of sushi, and he has a unique ability to throw away the language, like a frog, to get a treat from remote areas.
In the fifth part of the game Sushi cat will play, throwing catapult the hero, trying to break the record of altitude. The larger the cat gets fat, the more ochkom earns, and they can be exchanged for a supplement.
It is known that we are working on proposals of the game. Soon you will be able to restore a pleasant and well-fed fan chat with the exotic Japanese cuisine.

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